Broccoli hangover!

I know it sounds batty but it's true!   I am so fed with being intolerant to most foods - many vegetables because of oxalates, most fruit because of fructose, fish because of salicylates, gluten because of, well, gluten, anything containing High Fructose Corn Syrup, tea coffee chocolate because of oxalates, and on and on.........the effect on me is like living with a massive hangover: severe headache, aching limbs, nausea, all of which gets worse during the day.   I am taking Nutri adrenal extra 2 daily, and 3 NDT daily, also 30mg of Amitriptyline nightly since my diagnosis of fibromyalgia some 10 years ago.    Re the food intolerances, my research shows that advice is limited to taking probiotics and fermented foods, I have tried many probiotics and also make kombucha, but nothing seems to really help.   Starvation might, but that seems a bit drastic, if anybody has any helpful ideas/suggestions I would be most grateful.

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  • Are you intolerent to all those foods?  Sounds pretty miserable.

    When you say 3 NDT daily, do you mean 3 grains?  If so, that's equivalent to 300mcg of Levo.

    What were your latest TFT results? 

  • Yes I am and yes it is very miserable, and has been for a long time.  I don't have TFTs done as my GP practice considered, some years ago, that my thyroid was 'normal' (although at the low end of the 'normal' range) despite the fact that I was exhausted, had dry skin, felt as though I had flu all the time and my temperature rarely got any higher than 35.5, often lower, on a couple of occasions it was 33.5.  The GPs only response is to increase the Amitriptyline, which I don't want to do.  I consulted with Dr P and on his advice I take 2 Nutri adrenal extra, and 3 Nutri Thyroid of 140mg each.  I think these help, but they have made no difference to my food intolerances.

  • Which pro biotics?   Are they ones which you have to keep in the fridge?    I just did a 30 day course of vsl#3 and its making a huge difference.


  • Thank you, that's useful info, I will order.    What difference is it making to you and do you have food intolerances?

  • These are a couple of links which you may find helpful. Cursor down to date September 24, 2002.

  • Thank you for the links, they are very helpful.

  • Hi there I understand only too well, just been diagnosed with dysibosis, all foods cause fermentation in your stomach and small bowel. Some foods ferment worse than others. I am on a Hospital supplied antibiotic that works only on your gut after several weeks I will then have a hospital supplied probiotic to put the goodies back. Look it up and see if it sounds like you! 

  • I have heard of dysbiosis, and think it quite likely that it could apply to me.  However, I don't think it is something that is recognised and treatable by the NHS in the UK.   What country do you live in and what is the anti biotic called?  Many thanks for your helpful reply.

  • Hello. I have had 8 years of FODMAP diet to lower the fermentation in my gut : Dr Myhills diagnosed leaky gut and SIBO and dietician also agreed that most foods didn't suit me so started FODMAP. Have also left out those items that writers here and that I found (eg Amy Myers) suggest effect thyroid such as soya, nuts, seeds, night shades etc. I am on the low carb diet that initially involved weighing everthing and is similarly strict. I make kefir for probiotics as I have found it more powerful than regular ones that I can buy and take vit c to sterilise the system. I also make fermented veg with Dr Mercola's starter and initially simply drank the liquid as a probiotic. Also still on Dr Myhills transdermal vitamins and minerals so as to allow the gut to heal and me to get the supplements that I need. NB introducing fermented food was a slow process and the first 6 months were not good ones. I went very slowly but think that I still had die-off issues. I stick to coconut kefir and small amounts of fermented veg. Did read that we might have an issue with the yeast if have overgrowth so need to use starve protocol before add too many.

    Dr Myhills's website is very helpful re leaky gut and SIBO and there are plenty of resources out there. And the outcome after finding books, summits, and wading through the info is that finally things are changing: inflammation settling, pain reduced, sleep better, brain starting to work (I am awake and doing this!) and a gut that now allows me to eat food: still a greatly reduced diet in comparison to the average UK resident but I am getting better on all levels after thinking that I was only on this earth to lie in a darkened room and be very ill. Stick with it but be prepared to reassess regularly. My treat at present is cocoa powder with coconut oil: simply melt oil, mix in powder and put in ice tray in freezer. My brain likes the oil and it tastes like chocolate to me. Good luck with the next stage.

  • Forgot to say: my gp didn't treat my sub clinical hypo in the early stage of CFS so am very familiar with very sensitive dry skin and very low temp. My gp had me on 150 amytrip as she couldn't believe that 10 would do anything! I live with plenty of sheepskin in bed and on my chair that helps regulate etc. Do you use plenty of oils in your diet? They helped get rid of the headaches.

  • It's such a slow process isn't it, I admire your patience. I do have plenty of oils, addicted to butter, so rather too much of it probably, also olive oil and ghee. I am not so keen on coconut oil, as it makes everything taste of coconut, rather disconcerting when you are eating a fried egg!

  • I felt like that at first and use best olive oil for everything else and slosh soups/salads/anything with help oil. I have read a lot about the gut micorbiome and the need to balance it with the right stuff of both pre and probiotics ideally with diet. I think that blasting a rather delicate biome (complicated with SIBO and leaky gut) with an antibiotic would be a rather drastic response.

    But to go down the the starve, replenish, reintroduce route takes planning/thought and persistence, not to mention £ to try to find all the recommended strains of probiotic/organic food etc. The bit I like least is spray on multivits and minerals from Dr Myhill - assuming that the gut is too damaged to absorb them properly. Her website and book are good at the basics together with anything on the gut microbiome. I survived on nut milk coco with coconut oil (ideal if it tastes of coconut as we expect it with chocolate) to get me through the dips in the day until everything started to stabilise. Smoothies are recommended but there is only so much kefir that I can take especially as I don't have much to put in it ie no fruit. BTW olives are good to if you can get a fairly plain and relatively unsalty version. Hot chocolate is a thing of the past now as am trying no nuts to get hashi under control. Miss the speed of eggs but they rally don't agree with me - and we keep hens!

    I was ill and going downhill for 3 years before finally GP agreed that I was really ill and unfit for work, 8 years ago, so I have had a long time to think about exactly what I am prepared to do to get out of bed: answer Anything. We are forced to be really strong willed and to take in a lot of information whilst we are at out most severely ill but if you can make the effort and/or have anyone that can help your research then you can start to decide what your next move will be. Stick with it.

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