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Endocrinologist the outcome!

Very nice chap pre occupied with numbers, due to have a full thyroid panel done plus cortisol, vitamins and iron etc as'll be interesting to see how a different lab performs...

He has suggests that I trial a combination of t3 and t4

That's it.....

Felt a bit numb after that, all I know is that I feel very unwell right now as I'm not on medication. I am doing everything I can to keep ticking over I totally understand that if hypothyroid not being medicate it's less than useless to follow a good diet but I'm doing what I can and using as many supplements as I can

I fear I may have made things worse stopping many of you stated...but I honestly was and still am in bits about the state of my hair....

I've always been big I have chunky legs totally covered in varicose veins and the only thing I ever loved about me was my hair.

I know vain as it may seem....I'm utterly's nearly bald at the temples and the beautiful auburn shines ringlets are reduced to rat tails

My weight is stable ATM, I don't eat much really I've lost my appetite not to mention energy

I guess the sooner I get on some meds I can at least give my body a may or may not suit me but I'm going to have  to try

In other news I'm going to see my nutritionist in a weeks time and have some tests done with her the cortisol saliva test is what I'm plumbing for so that we can work on that and along with the therapy maybe I'll make some headway...

Got myself some prunes today! To get the digestion moving!!! And as a treat this dairy free lass enjoyed some coconut yoghurt and nuts....and as a special treat hubby took me out for a steak this evening ☺️ purely medicinal! All that lovely iron right???

Thanks to everyone who has been here to listen and advise...I feel overwhelmed at the amount of stuff to read and people's experiences at the end of the day nothing is happening quickly and this is a single journey for all of us even if we are in it together???


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Hey Bioluminence!

I'm pretty new to this forum, isn't it great that there's a place to just vent and talk things out? Your post reads exactly like my thoughts at the moment...

Kind of feeling numb too, wondering how long this journey will take and what awaits me at the end of it.

I'm so sorry about your hair! It's not vain at all to feel this way especially if it is one of your distinguishing features. It's natural to feel a sense of grief or mourning. It helps you digest that this is happening to you :(

I hope you can find a way to still enjoy and style your hair. I've got PCOS in addition to hyperthyroidism, and have had my hair fall out periodically for the past 13 years. 

What works for me is to cut it to shoulder length, have a fringe, color it lighter and use a filler powder for any patches/fine areas, and blow dry the roots for body. 

And it works! My hair looks thicker and better, you cannot tell that my hair has fallen out at all. I also take vitamin supplements for hair.

Other than that, sounds like you've got a great support network, your husband treating you etc. :-) Enjoy that!

Let us know what happens with the lab results.

Wishing you well! xx

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Your hair WILL come back once you are optimally medicated - and at least the endo isn't offering Levo or nothing! I think its real grounds for optimism!

You may even discover legs inside your tree trunks!

I do begin to wonder whether the panic reaction, with its loss of rationality, is a part of the pathology of hypothyroidism. I have heard/read so many stories of people being driven to madness, whether its stopping medication like you, or chopping and changing meds and supplements giving nothing a chance to work properly. 

So, now is the time to try the medication, and give it a chance to work. Remember that lots of people feel worse when they first start on thyroid medication - its a huge shock to the system, after all. And stick with it. You know we will always listen! ;


(Just a cautionary tale...

Farrah Fawcett refused the correct type of chemo - to save her hair...)

I think if you physically feel better, your self-esteem and confidence will creep up and the focus won't be on your hair because (hopefully) you'll be in a better place physically and mentally, iykwim?

I know what it's like to have features diminish because of this dreadful disease.  My face is unrecognisable from a few years ago; huge double chin, my nose has grown and my once big eyes are heavy and lost in a moon face.  I won't go on about what's happened below the chin - but it's very, very sad.  I refuse to see certain people as they'd be shocked and I can't do with explaining that my new look isn't a lifestyle choice but the effects of an undertreated and ignored disease.

I have hopes of getting better and I will - just a slow journey sometimes.

Hope you feel better on these meds soon,Bio.



I thought of you yesterday, Bio.  Fingers crossed! H xxx


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