Amitriptyline and thyroid

Hello, In the last few weeks I've gone back on amitritpyline (10mg) to help with sleep and clenching jaw. My fibromyaligia  (I think) symptoms have got steadily worse - stiff achy muscles esp on waking - clicky neck and stiff shoulders arms - heaviness in muscles etc. Can amitriptyline suppress thyroid function? These are symptoms that all improved greatly when I switched from levothyroxine to ERFA thyroid (NDT) I take 60 mg ERFA thyroid in the mornings. In the past I've only taken 5mg amitriptyline  but it didn't keep me asleep properly so 10mg is the most I've ever taken daily. Seeing GP tomorrow to discuss. Thoughts welcome!

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  • I don't know if it suppresses thyroid function, maybe another member is more familiar with amitriptyline, but you can check for drug interactions on this site which a member recently posted

    A Google search might tell you if it suppresses thyroid funy if no-one else comments.

  • I'm sorry you're not feeling so good and these are a few of links which might be helpful. You might need an increase in NDT.:

    (third re amytriptyline)

  • Don't know if it  supresses  Thyroid  but when I was put on it , for fibro, it sent me loopy. Everything  got worse and I felt like I was losing  my mind (the little  I have left😁)  personal  experience  only and not a suggestion  but I self medicate with NDT  and sleep great.. except  when bladder wakes me 😒 and jaw clenching greatly reduced, not gone but maybe 60-70% less and fingers  painfully  crossed it will get to 100% eventually.

    😊 linda

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