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Information about exercise and thyroid function

Hi all,

As a keen runner, I've been struggling to find much in the way of conclusive information about how exercise affects thyroid function and vice versa.  It seems that not much research has been done, however I have found the following articles which I thought might be of interest to others.

This page has links to several journal articles:

If I'm reading it right, this article explains why TSH can decrease with exercise - because of an impaired response to TRH:

This link is part of a blog but has lots of references:

I hope this helps someone else,


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Thanks Emma and am sure these links will be very helpful.


Here's a paper studying the question you raise. It's easily downloadable from the net as a PDF:

Neuroendocrinology Letters No.6 December Vol.26, 2005

 Neuroendocrinology Letters ISSN 0172–780X

Exercise intensity and its effects on thyroid hormones

Figen Ciloglu, Ismail Peker, Aysel Pehlivan, Kursat Karacabey, Nevin İlhan, Ozcan Saygin & Recep Ozmerdivenli


Thank you


Great, thank you


Any sort of exercise will use up T3 and if you don't replace the T3 quickly enough then you are bound to have problems! 


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