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Thoughts please


I have not posted for a long time but your help last time gave me the confidence to challenge my GP about my treatment...but I need your help again. I was diagnosed under active 2 years ago and eventually started feeling well again on 25 of Levo and 20 T3. I was in hospital over Christmas with a quinsy throat and a throw away comment was made about having glandular fever previously. Since then I have not been feeling well and have only recently returned to work on a phased return, but am even struggling with this. My last bloods were TSH 0.08 (0.4-4.0) and T4 8.1(9.8-18.8). This was the only bloods taken. My Levo was increased to 50 and T3 increased to 40 in March. My GP has referred me to see the Endocinologist but I have to wait 12 weeks. My symptoms are getting worse and I would like any thoughts on what I can do whilst I wait on my appointment.  Sorry for the long story but your thoughts and advice were very much appreciated in the past. Yvee

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It's such a pity that they don't cover T3 in the blood tests as that's the most important one.

Even though your TSH was very low your T4 was below bottom of the range - how are you expected to convert T4 to sufficient T3?

Levothyroxine (T4 is inactive). If you don't have sufficient to convert to T3 you are ill with symptoms.

We cannot function without sufficient T3 in our bodies as all of the billions of receptor cells need it. Our heart and brains in particular as well as everything else.

Ask for a Free T3 blood test (probably wont) and your FT3 will probably be bottom or below range. have a list of recommended labs.


Thanks Shaws. I am seeing the GP on Tuesday and will ask about the T3 blood test...I think I know what the reply will be


If you are taking T3, you expect T4 to be low


Thanks. This was never mentioned by GP. If only they told you things it would stop patients worrying.


Unfortunately they do NOT know.


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