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Auto Immune Disease

I have high antibodies and I have hypothyroidism.  I have just been tested for Coeliac disease because a close relative has it as well as hypothyroidism and has suffered for many years with chronic rheumatoid arthritis. I tested negative for Coeliac thank God.

However the reason I wanted to be tested is because I also have severe arthritic pain and I just wondered if I had the same.  However, now I know Im negative but I also know that people with auto immune disease are better if they stay away from gluten.

Can someone tell me the reasoning about this because I try to stay clear as much as I can due to the fact that my arthritis and joints are much worst if I have a period of time eating gluten or even too many carbs.

Does anyone know what might be causing this and why it seems to be related to hypothyroidism.

Thank you.

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Hi Number1, 

You can Google the thyroid and gluten connection by Chris Kresser, he explains it in detail . 



Gluten sensitivity is caused by molecular mimicry. The molecular structure of gliadin, (the protein portion of gluten) closely resembles that of the thyroid gland. When gliadin breaches the protective gut barrier (leaky gut) and enters the blood stream, the immune system (antibodies) tags it for destruction. These antibodies can then cause the body to attack thyroid tissue.

Blood tests will only detect gluten antibodies in the blood stream where the gut is so permeable that gluten can easily pass through .. this would be a relatively advanced stage of disease.

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sorry to hear that you have been so sick.  I also suffer with arthritis and just want to quickly say that when you mentioned carbs and needing to stay away from them.   I have always eaten tons of fruit and veggies and carbs.. purple potatoes, sweet potatoes etc etc.  I do think that I have some issues with white potatoes, oranges etc.

However I do believe that carbs are necessary to eat and carbs give us energy.

Have you thought about doing a food intolerance test and keeping a food journal?

Also have you looked into doing things like healing your gut etc.



People with an autoimmune disease are more  likely to be affected by another autoimmune issue as their immune system is affected.

I was diagnosed with coeliac as a child, & developed a pituitary adenoma, both autoimmune disorders. One friend with Graves, has PA, another is hypo with RA.

I don't have a massive reaction to wheat, but I feel better if I don't eat it. I stick to eating sourdough, which breaks down the gluten, & rye or other flours.

These might be of interest to you:



Gluten sensitivity is different from celiac disease. Celiac is autoimmune, gluten sensitivity is a straightforward immune reaction. The lead expert on it is Alessio Fasano, he is a mainstream international leader in this field. If you google his name plus gluten sensitivity much will come up. So it would be worth going gluten free completely if you find it helps your pain. I would think any inflammation on the body might make joint pain worse. 

Were you gluten free when you had the celiac test, by the way?


No, not gluten free at the time as I know that can affect the result but thank you for reminding me.


Hi No.11,

Recently came across this link on one of threads on here:

. . . . and have been trying to slog thru' it ! ! !  Hope its of help/interest to you too !

 Seems a bit (too) technical for many of us, . . . . but nothing ventured . . . . !



Haven't seen any posts from you for ages Number1.   We met at one of the meet-up thing's u arranged a few years back at Bluewater.   I am gluten free and feel better in general staying off it, although very hard sometimes and also a bit anti-social.   Good luck!


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