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Battlefield Acupuncture - great for pain & Stress relief

Hello everyone,

Battlefield Acupuncture is having little gold studs put into your ears, and keeping them there for three days.  I did put a post up a year or so ago about this but I really just wanted to make the point of how benefical this is, when you are really struggling, thats when your really notice it's potential.  

It has been wonderful for my Fibro pain, headaches and certainly seems to relieve stress and has on a couple of occasions helped me get extra sleep.

It does hurt a little, but if you are really struggling, it is something I would really recommend.

Take care everyone


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this is also beneficial when trying to stop smoking it helps with cravings. However I find the needle accupuncture very good for stress and pain relief.

good luck.


Hello Looneysue,

Yes I am sure it can help with lots of things. Oddly I never found normal acupunture useful at all, but my cat did : >


If you "acupuncture" from a physiotherapist, it's probable that they only had 14 hours training, which is a lot less than a 3 year degree course & a minimum 400 observed clinical hours that a real acupuncturist must complete before qualifying at degree level. It's very scary how badly trained they are!



A major from the US army did a talk on battlefield acupuncture at the BaCC conference a few years ago, but I missed it.

Any properly trained Acupuncturist can do auricular needling & use ear seeds, also people trained in the NADA detoxification protocol, for addiction therapy.

There's also a few websites that show people how to use auricular & body acupressure, so it's free.

Try having body acupuncture, to see how beneficial it can be, but please go to a real practitioner that's registered with BAcC, or another regulatory body, rather than a physiotherapist!



Hello Leverette,

The person I see is properly trained and is also an osteopath. He is a good egg and his reputation proceeds him and has done for lots of years.

I have been caught out with other people claiming to be professionals but its not the case with him - thank goodness


hi Leverett

I had my acupuncture by a registered acupuncturist and you can certainly tell the difference. I am also qualified as an auricular acupuncturist. I really enjoy seeing the benefit people get from this therapy.



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