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Thankyou everybody for your support im hopefully getting sorted right rib pain back pain stomach pain suspected gallbladder stones!

hi everyone i just wanted to say thankyou for all your posts that kept me going when nooone else would i was in such a mess and had lost my faith in the nhs with the rubbish care iv had after baby james even my partner sadly but he understands now and is taking better care of me. im still in a lot of pain especially after food and feel terrilbe and not much has changed and dare not eat anything but im getting answers now for the first time in many months, i had to call emergancy line at the weekend in early hours and manged to get a emergancy appointment with dr he thinks its my gallbladder straight away or acid problems maybe as suspected by many of you so there goes my adrenal theory out of the window but you get so fixited on the one illness (hypothyrodism) you dont think of another problem in your body going on i felt really poorly the last 3 weeks but had a liver profile done 4 months back and that was fine so threw me of the scent iv been given high strength painkillers when the pain gets really bad which is usually 1-2 hours after eating and a stomach acid tablet that i take obvisously after my levo has digested he is sending me for a ultrasound to see whats going on and iv got to follow a low fat diet until vi got proper answers, then if gallstones are found i will be given choices. gp said the white stools are likely to be stones blocking the bile duct i never thought a gallbladder could make you so ill im got to say the gp today was brilliant i just thought it might be worth posting in the hope it might help someone else who might be having simialr problems thanks again everyone for your kind posts im sure father christmas is coming to your houses just also to say before i had my baby none of this was going on the thyroid made it all worse.


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Hi, Thank you for updating us. I think there were a lot of people worrying about you so it's good to know that you have progress. Hope you can get it all sorted out soon. Jane x


So glad you have let us all know you are o.k. and are now getting some badly needed answers.

Good luck with it and please post again if you feel the need.

Moggie x


Ouch! I had a friend who had gall bladder problems and she said the pain was worse than giving birth. Glad to hear you are getting sorted out. Have a good Christmas :-)


Ouch! Two of my friends had gallstones. One used to scream with the pain & the other vomited after food and was on a very restricted diet until they dissolved. Hope you feel better soon.


So glad you are getting this sorted :)

it does affect people differently 'tho.....

1 girl (55!) at work controls it with diet - no spicy stuff, some fats are fine

1 girl (30) had it removed last year and has had nothing but trouble since, and feels permanently nauseous.

Another colleague has successfully 'dissolved' hers with a course of ursodeoxycholic-acid (depends what sort and what size stones).

(It depends how acute it is I suppose - I was looking into alternatives for my Dad as he couldn't have an operation)

btw it can be associated with Thyroid trouble, especially if they're cholesterol stones I think.


however that said, if you are in pain that is the first priority. x


Pale stools are pretty typical of no bile getting into system and gall stones( blocking the bile duct)which are result of hypothyroid and pregnancy

If your in Oxford area theres a truly fantastic surgeon there

what cannot be ignored is pale stools and dark urine as thats sign of pancreatitis

meanwhile if they are making you wait for an op its worth getting Berberis tincture from. as 10 drops in some juice 3 times a day can often dissolve small stones safely and restores liver function

My daughter wishes she had known and taken it when she was hit with masses of tiny gallstones after a pregnancy rather than having the gb removed


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