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Great news and relief !

In my previous post I has said how my GP had reduced my thyroxine and then my cholesterol went way up and she then wanted me to take statins. I insisted to another GP at the surgery that I wanted to try to increase my dosage back up to where it was, which is 150 mcg, instead of the 125 mcg that she had put me on, to "put to bed once and for all that my dosage needs to be higher".

Well, I got my test results back today and my cholesterol has gone from where she wanted me to take statins to "almost optimal". The male GP I spoke to on the phone used the word "incredible" (bless him) to describe the result.

He is going to continue my dosage at the 150 mcg level for now! Oh, by the way,

my results of my thyroid profile went from:

March 10, 2015 - FT4 = 14 (range 9 to 23)

TSH = 1.8 (range 0.3 to 4.2)

May 8, 2015 - FT4 = 18.3 (range 9 to 23)

TSH = 0.06 (range 0.3 to 4.2)

So, by increasing my intake daily of thyroxine by .25 mcg, my TSH has gone almost suppressed but my FT4 has risen where I need it to be to feel good, the upper half of the range, not the lower half as it was when my cholesterol went way up.

Hope this helps others and if anyone has any insights too give me too about this.

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What great news for you and well done for taking control yourself........a positive attitude that will hopefully help more people manage their own treatment.

Hope you stay well x


Karen, your own insight into what dose and levels you need to feel well is very good and your instinct about sufficient dose lowering your cholesterol was spot on. Well done :)


Thank you! I'm so relieved. I was so worried about having to have a show down with the GP's over this increase and insist on no statins even if the cholesterol didn't come down. But it has "incredibly". Imagine a Dr saying that... makes me almost love him :)

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Lol, Karen :-D It's certainly worth sticking with him for your thyroid needs.

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Brilliant. What level was your cholesterol at its highest?


Mar 16, 2015

Total 5.8

Tri 1.32

HDL .83

LDL 4.37

Ratio 6.99

June 8, 2015

Total 5.3

Tri 1.18

HDL .93

LDL 3.53

Ratio 5.78

I've tried to figure out what I can about this. What I have figured out is that I'm now almost optimal I think.


Well your LDL has dropped by a full point, which is good.


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