Has anybody tried the German brand of Lactose free Levothyroxine?


I am interested to see if anybody has experience in using the above drug shipped from Germany.

My Endo has offered me a trial on this as it doesn't contain Lactose however I am sceptical that I am infact needing T3 and that she could be stalling this process and trialling me on something that may not work however I think I may do better on a Lactose free brand of the medication.

Any advice or thoughts?

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  • Hi


    My Endo has ordered me it but I am still waiting on when it will come through! Hoping the GP doesn't decline it as the Endo specifically has asked for it! 

  • I have been taking Aliud (Lactose free) Levothyroxine from Germany for the past 18 months (self-funded).  Although this has not done any better than Actavis the only other one I could possibly take) and I do not have a problem with Lactose, it does not 'burn' so much going down.  My local CCG have just given approval of this to be supplied to me via NHS, so this is a big weight off my mind regarding  supply of this Levothyroxine. I feel it is a better quality Levothyroxine than any in UK.  I have also been taking a small amount of T3 for the past 6 months and this has made a small difference to my blood levels and improved my health a little.

    I only put the prescription into my local pharmacy this morning and the Pharmacist said what did I want him to do if he could not get it. I said that as I knew Boots had an IDIS account that should not be a problem and left it with him, but for him to phone me if there was a problem.

  • Hi, thanks for replying. I have heard good things that it is a lot purer than the NHS levo we get prescribed normally. Can I just ask about the T3 you are on and what dose this is? Is this through the NHS? I still believe that I require T3 too and my Endo is holding off until I try this new medication first.

    I may look into trying T3 myself eventually. 

  • The idea that it is a lot purer sounds like rumour rather than grounded in reality.

    Aliud tablets are bigger than any UK levothyroxine - so there must be a greater amount of excipients - which would mean, overall, less pure! Any other interpretation of its purity (or otherwise) would need information I have never seen. :-)

  • Hi Kerrycat, I am taking 6.25 mcg of Unipharma T3. At the moment I source and fund this myself, but my local CCG have just agreed to provide this for me along with the 75 mcg of Aliud that I take.  T3 has had a small change in me in a good way.  Hope this helps and wish you well.

  • Hi :)

    Did your Doctor prescribe the T3? and are they monitoring you on it? 

  • I forgot to say is this licensed in the UK? and also do you need to cut the tablet to make that dose?

  • Only one T3 is licensed in UK - Marcury Pharma. Uni Pharma is Greek T3, can be ordered online and you don't need prescription for it.

  • Is the Uni Pharma the T3 you are on? I don't suppose you can direct me to where this or inbox me?

  • I can send you PM.

  • There is only one make of T3 licensed in UK and that is by Amdipharm.  I would not take anything made by this company again.  Unipharma is not licensed in UK so would have to be by permission of CCG or privately possibly.  I use a pill cutter from Kleeneze (£2.99 and the best I have found) and cut the 25 mcg tablet into four.  Cutting once and then turning the two halves to cut into quarters.  This works fine for me.

  • Now I am confused - is it Mercury Pharma or Amdipharm?

  • Sorry Miriam, the make is Mercury Pharma.  Think the overall name of the company is Amdipharm.  Sorry, forgot to say, My GP is monitoring me.

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