Thyroid blood test after taking levothyroxine?


I had a blood test for thyroid function this morning. The thing is I am 5.5 weeks pregnant and I did not want to risk not taking my 25mcg dose this morning due to previous miscarriages. So I took it 30 mins before the blood test was carried out as it was the usual time I take it every morning. I guess it is a good thing because it will tell me if the 25mcg is working?

How would it affect the results if it does?

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  • Orangepie I don't know the answer to your question but just wondering how you're feeling during your pregnancy? Xx

  • Getting on ok just the usual pregnancy symptoms. Each day just feels likes forever until you reach 12 weeks.

  • Unfortunately UK doctors won't adhere to Finnish guidelines... :(

  • Thanks for the response , I've been to the docs about uk guidelines.

  • Orange, it won't affect the TSH result but might make the FT4 result look a little higher. 

    Hope you're doing ok too xx

  • Orangepie,

    It takes 7-8 days to absorb a dose so taking your Levothyroxine dose a few hours later won't endanger your pregnancy.  Taking it before your blood draw means you may get a higher FT4 reading while Levothyroxine is peaking in your blood stream.

  • I've been taking a dose every day for the past 4 weeks, so hopefully will see if it's worked to bring the TSH down...

  • Have you had your results back yet Orangepie 

  • 1.73 TSH AND ft4 18.7.

    Not sure if that's good for pregnancy, I'm thinking maybe increasing the dose a little. Calling the private specialist for a consultation.

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