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Blood results - help please before I see an endocrinologist - what do you think and what treatment would you hope for if you were me

Hello everyone, as you may recall from my previous posts I have lots of hypothyroidism symptoms and I have 2 autoimmune illnesses (Crohn's and Lupus). I had my TSH, T3 and T4 done today in preparation for seeing the endocrinologist next week - the results from this morning's tests were in and apparently normal - but what is strange is I have discovered prior to these hypothyroid symptoms starting and when I felt really well my bloods actually showed I was suffering from hyperthyroidism. 

Normal reference ranges for bloods - TSH (0.35 to 4.5) and Free T4 = 11-24 

04/2014 - when v. well - no symptoms

TSH = 0.253 (low)

Free T4 = 22.3

06/2014 - when v.well - no symptoms 

TSH = 0.284 (low)

Free T4 = 16.8 (significant drop?)

Then I had the chicken pox - was v.ill and later my hypothyroid symptoms started 

07/2014 - getting hypothyroid symptoms

TSH = 0.554 

( Only TSH done) 

Today's results - lots of hypothyroid symptoms & swelling under neck developed

TSH = 0.886 

(Free T4 and T3 to follow - I couldn't get a printout until released by the lab but apparently they were within normal range). 

I am also anaemic (average 100 [120-160 normal] - my ferritin is in the low normal range but I cannot tolerate oral iron due to Crohn's) and all my bloods show that my CRP and ESR are up - I.e. indicative of inflammation. 

Do you think it is significant that my TSH was slightly hyperthyroid when I felt well and that my TSH is now 4 times higher and that my T4 dropped quite significantly and I feel pretty rubbish and I can't lose weight and have this swelling in my neck and a list of symptoms as long as my arm. 

Based on these blood results and symptoms do you think an endocrinologist would trial something to combat my hypothyroid symptoms. What treatment would you want to be prescribed if you were me? What do you think and what do I need the endocrinologist to look at? 

Should I also get my adrenals checked as been on maintenance steroids for years? Again what should I be asking and pushing for? 

I can't wait for your much appreciated input - I just want a doctor to take me seriously and listen to how I am. 

Thank you so much in advance,


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No mention of test results for thyroid anti-bodies ??  Surely as you already have two AI conditions it would have been sensible to have tested them.

So that is something the Endo needs to sort.   As you have Crohns your absorption will be poor and your B12 will be on the floor.  So please ensure you have it tested along with - FOLATE - VITD and the Thyroid Anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg.

Am thinking that the steroid treatment will have skewed your thyroid results slightly.  With Hashimotos - you can swing from Hyper to Hypo.  I would seriously consider going gluten free to heal your gut and hopefully put your Crohns into remission.

I was diagnosed with Crohns over 40 years ago and rarely have a problem now.  I also have Hashimotos and not having a Terminal Ileum I have a B12 issue.  I had a hemi-colectomy and 2 resections with complications when my Crohns was at its peak.

I do hope your Endo is up to speed on the thyroid and more importantly auto-immunity.  I was diagnosed with Hashimotos in 2005 and was treated with T4 even though the TSH - FT4 and FT3 were all in range.  The T4 was supporting the thyroid whilst under attack - explained my GP !

Hope all goes well for you next week ....


Hi Marz, just out of interest which T4 medication do you take and how much. Did the T4 sort out your symptoms - were they hypothyroid and if you don't mind telling me asking how has the T4 helped you?? With the gluten free diet are you totally gluten free or do you have the odd bit now and again? Thanks for all your help, Wennieflower 


I took T4 for a few years but the FT3 was always low.  Did a spread sheet for my GP of results over a few years and she could clearly see the problem - so prescribed T3.  I later went T3 only.

I do my very best to remain gluten free.  I live in Crete so can fill up on non gluten foods easily and have to cook from scratch.

My symptoms improved once I had mastered more knowledge - read loads and joined this forum.  Sorting out my B12 was a huge and positive step.

You can click onto my name and read my abbreviated Profile !


It might be worth trying the Paleo Autoimmune diet, which cuts out most inflammatory foods:

It's very similar to an elimination diet, so after a period on the diet you can try reintroducing foods one by one to identify specific sensitivities.

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