Hi all, would be grateful for any comments: i've been on 25 mcgs levothyroxine and 10mcg liothyonine since start februray. Have been retested after 6 weeks, and my TSH has gone down from 2.74 to 1.22, but so has my T4, from 13.5 to 9.7. My T3 has gone from 3.2 to 3.8. The consultant suspects secondary hypothyroid condition and is arranging an MRI scan on my pituitary gland (as well as a prolactin blood test). Does this all seem reasonable and is there anything else I should be doing for myself? I have now read so many sites that I'm feeling overwhelmed. I'm taking iron supplements, but still my haematocrit is low, typically at .36 (.37-.47) and my ferritin ranges between 16 to peak reading of 29 913-150). My B12 used to be in the 2 or 300s, but has improved since taking B12 injections. Thank you for any comments or tips

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  • Hi Vivo, I hope your endocrinologist has raised the dose of levothyroxine.

    Looks like giving you the small amount of thyroid replacement has made your pituitary happier but put your thyroid to sleep.  Not unusual.  I'm sure you are not feeling too good right now.  

  • It is a long time ago but as I recall my T4 dropped when I was first taking T3. I was under the impression that by having the stronger T3 your levels of T4 are less important as the thyroid is fed directly from the T3. I am lucky tho my specialist goes on how I am feeling as well which is rare. Unlike my GP.

    That said 25mg of T4 is minimal and the TSH is still over 1. Not a GP but I would say they both need adjusting upwards.

    Ferritin is low too.

    How do you feel in yourself since starting the medication?

  • Hi - thank you for asking! I feel much better - had my first night's relatively good sleep almost immediately after starting the T3, which continued for some weeks, but is waning now (though nothing like as disturbed as prior to starting the medication). Can't say I noted any difference once I started the T4, about a week after the T3 and on the advice of a GP who said it better to combine. Energy levels also far better - able to walk and exercise after about a year of exhaustion. Feeling a little baffled after today's visit to the consultant - she seemed lovely, knowledgable etc, but never actually asked me if I felt better for the medication. Almost reluctant to go down further tests and MRIs when i feel I'm on the right track, but evidently don't want to hinder further progress or continue taking medication if not strictly necessary.

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