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Call my doctor today to get my test results from my thyroid this is my regular GP the test results read 7.390 then two months later I went to a specialist and this is all when I wasn't on medication was 6.1 I'm she upped my dose to 88mg and was on 75mg of levothroxine for years now I'm on a higher dose seems like I'm having insomnia waking up 5 times in the night I wonder if I'm over medicated or even under my hair was still fall out and it never has stopped since I even started medication

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I still have no energy


is your vitamin D level still low?

Have you had your ferritin, folate and vitamin B12 levels tested?

I know from your previous post you have hypothyroidism and hyperparathyroidism, and you were advised to find out what the likely cause was.


I take 50.000 mgs one a week of vit D and get b12 shots


What is your ferritin level like?


Not sure i will ask today when she calls me back


Have you got a FT4 and a FT3 test result?

Did you read the links SlowDragon posted?


She said my levels was normal now


You need to get the numbers and ranges.

"Normal" is an opinion and most posters here find that their doctor's "normal" is not "normal" for them.

If you are able to go to the surgery, go in and make ask them for the results plus ranges.

If the receptionist asks why say "It is for my own records and it is my right under the Data Protection Act 1998". You should have to wait 3-4 days before they can give them to you as they have to ask the GPs permission.

If you can't go in then you need to make a Data Subject Access Request in writing and post it to them using recorded delivery. (You need to use recorded delivery in case there are problems.)

More information here-

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If you read this link

This explains insomnia may be due to low Vit B5, if correcting low vitamin D, and especially if you have an autoimmune disease and poor gut health

Supplementing a good vitamin B complex may help

Excerpts from Dr Gominak

"I accidentally discovered that all of the patients with abnormal sleep had vitamin D deficiency, and it turns out that vitamin D is not their only deficiency. Everyone with abnormal sleep has a combination of both vitamin D and B vitamin deficiencies."

.........But the “healthy” bacteria need our vitamin D to thrive, when we don’t have enough we don’t pass down D to the bacteria and “unhealthy” bacteria who don’t make B vitamins replace our healthy bacteria. So vitamin D deficiency causes secondary B vitamin deficiencies. This means that the sleep does not return to normal with just vitamin D. For the sleep to normalize and the health to improve the intestinal bacteria must return to normal as well.

Usually within the first year of vitamin D supplementation the B5 body stores get used up and new symptoms of pain, burning and balance difficulties begin. Patients who have fibromyalgia or arthritis or autoimmune disease are already severely B5 deficient even before their vitamin D deficiency is detected"


Do you think iron too


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