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Drug-gene testing should be mandatory - IMO

Seriously, how much time and money it would save if we were tested before given any medication?

I know it would be hard to get insurance companies to agree with this as genetic testing could be costly and they would probably try to demand all the data for the future use. In the future they would probably deny some people getting an insurance based on possible risk of getting cancer or so.

Still I say it would be major thing in health care saving money and lives. Not just benefiting patients but doctors too. It would make health care much more effective and smooth.

Basically any drug can be tested, like my dad was tested if he would be suitable to get biological / cancer medication for his psoriasis because for example cancer medication can collapse your lungs. My dad was suitable for that medication and has been on it for 2 years without any troubles except he has to get certain flu injections and pneumonia injection, pneumonia could be fatal in his case.

But this would also benefit people who are given antidepressants, there are tests available, but rarely those are ordered. Imagine how much time and money that would save? If person would need ad's, they would immediately know which medication to give, less side effects and harmful symptoms. I know ad's are bad, but using correctly those could work. Recommended time period for ad's is 3-6 months.

Even pain killers can be tested, how simple it would be then to get correct medication instead of going through tons of different type of medication suffering from nasty symptoms.

Of course, genetic testing does not mean that the drug wouldn't be harmful, but if you cannot metabolize given medication whats the point to take it?

I say it would save lives and money to do drug-gene testing.

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Drug-gene testing is about whether you can metabolise it or not.   

Allergies indeed are another factor but that is a different story, important tho as one might have to pull some tricks to find suitable medication. 

Another thing is gut bacteria.  It is known that people with certain bacteria do not react well to paracetamol which can cause liver damage. That is worrying especially when people take paracetamol hangover.  

Genes causing diseases like DI02(if you can call poor conversion a disease) is another important factor indeed.  It seems there are upto 50 genes that affect thyroid function.  Maybe testing all should be procedure when suspecting thyroid issues.  If all tests were available of course.   That would make it far more easier to find a fix for each individual!

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