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Cortisol interpretation?

Saliva cortisol results were very top of normal range for morning and afternoon, and significantly above normal range for evening and night. How does this fit with TSH 12.6 and T4 12.9? I understand how low cortisol may be associated with hypo thyroid but not high? I guess it explains a bit why I'm awake after 2/3 hours sleep.

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Oh my goodness, those thyroid results are hypothyroid, are you currently taking thyroxine? 

High cortisol is just as much associated with hypo. What tends to happen is that the cortisol gets high to compensate for having low thyroid, to give you energy. It's then a bit later that the adrenals get tired out from too much work, so the numbers start to drop. 

I can't give much advice on how to treat, as I've mainly had low cortisol. Stop the Thyroid Madness is a good website to start reading about adrenals. 


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