Forgot to get bloods for rT3

This blasted brain fog! I've just had the pain of a grumpy haematologist have stabs at taking blood with a syringe rather than a vacuum thing (which I was told will 'blow' the veins after a few digs) - she was not a happy bunny - and i realised afterwards that I could have got the bag to take a bit extra for the reverse T3 - which I haven't even bl**** sent for ! Now I'll have to get more blood taken - and it will be on another day many moons after the last one. I am so ticked-off.

Do any of the intelligentsia who might be reading this think it will make a huge difference? I mean, I'll make sure the medication level is the same but ooo, I am p'eed-off with meself!

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  • You will need to get fT3 done at the sane time as rT3, otherwise the ratio won't be meaningful. Xx

  • S***.

  • Sorry :( xx

  • Hi Normally the amount a Phebotomist draws ,is enough for many tests, I have a huge number, It used to be 6 or more phials ,( test tubes) now they only need a tiny drop in the Lab, I usually have 1 or 2 phials, depending on which specific tests, 3 pages worth. Even privately Haematologists never draw the blood, too beneath them! They advise for complicated conditions, but do not get involved in routine things..

    Try not to worry.

    Best wishes,


  • Sorry should read" Phlebotomist"


  • Thanks for your reply, Jackie - sorry for the delay, not enough energy-hours. My problem is that i now can't have the rT3 because it should be done at the same time as the fT3, so I've missed that window - and if I want it done straight away i will have to pay for both fT3 and rT3 - a little prohibitive after all the months with the most expensive private doctor I've ever come across! But thanks for the info - I wondered why only one phial of blood!

  • Hi Never have blood test totally at a private hospital, I use Blue Horizon, so easy £61 for the 3 TSH, T4 and Free T3,quote TU 10 I have to have venous blood taken as "sticky blood". Same test is over £200 at a private hospital, same Lab.You can have a finger prick test, just as accurate, very reputable and well known Lab, An y tests in NHS and more and much better assays,I would not worry too much now about the RT3, As it is only a recent test. My treatment ( hashimoto) has always been fine, on the TSH, T4 and |Free T3.See how you go.Just a thought, "spare" blood always kept at all Lbs, usually at least a week. If you are in that time span, at any hospital, you will need to go through a doc, , phone sec. or GP, if Blue Horizon, phone them as further charge, Sorry I did not think about that before.


  • hi, Jackie - thanks for your reply. i was having the fT4 and 3 done at the NHS hospital - I had thought of asking the phlebo to just squirt a bit extra into a phial for Blue Horizon at the same time, but damn well forgot to even get the blasted phial from BH anyway!! Thanks for the tip about the quote - is it TU 10 (as in the number?)

    What do you mean about venous blood and sticky blood?

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