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I put in a repeat prescription for my T3 with my doctor and when I went to collect it from the Pharmacy they did not have any because they said the manufacturer was not producing it at the moment. As we know this is a common problem with Mercury. However she said they had ordered it from another manufacturer and I should have queried it at the time because I thought Mercury was the only manufacturer in this country. However, my partner collected my tablets today and they are Thybon 20 Henning by Sanofi, from Germany. I have never had these before and up until now have never been offered them as an alternative when my usual Liothyronine has not been available. Does anyone know what the story is, why am I now being offered this alternative? And does anyone know if they are exactly the same?

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It is a common occurrence with T3 as MP is the only licenced company for T3. Any other T3 has to be prescribed on a named-patient basis so you are lucky to have been given an alternative. I wasn't able to when the had none previously.

Doctors can prescribe on a named-patient basis if another source of meds is required for reasons stated above and this is a list of alternatives if doctor is willing to prescribe:-



This is what I've found about Sanofi but I notice in Thyroiduk's list that Sanofi is mentioned for levo too. I had to click translate for the link below .


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Congratulate your pharnacy for obtaining a good T3 instead of rubbish mercury pharma stuff at ridiculous high price which is robbing NHS


I gather you consider this version better? Have you used it for long?


I am not hypo but husband ,daughter and grandaughters all are and have tried T3

I do not think anything MP makes is any good and they are ripping off the NHS for millions over T3 which is just pennies in Europe unlike here

Many people infinitely prefer Thybon


I bought some whilst in Crete and paid just over 1 euro for 28 tablets. When I returned I wrote to my MP to ask why I can buy them for that price abroad and the NHS pay £65.00 for the same thing. It was just a standard reply saying that in this country a lot more is spent on the research, trails and development!!!


What a load of tosh these MPs spout

I think someone is taking backhanders in NHS drug procurement dept


Minister George Freeman is aware of the cost issue but seems incapable ,incompetent or too idle to do anything about it.

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