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severe candida suspected causing adrenal/thyroid problems what now?

how do i get rid of a nasty systematic candida infection thats causing thyroid/adrenal problems chest infections chest pain bad periods but no thrush i think it in my system now , its making me very poorly as awhole and am unwell and underweight. and have now done today a genova salvia candida test to try get the proof that this is the root of the problem to try get the help i need.Iv had it for over a year not knowing what it was, i think 2 lots of antibiotics after a infection caused the problem and its spiralled.

Im new to this iv made a few attempts to try get rid of it but im strugglng and dont know how to actually get rid of it all together how much medicine do you need how long?what medicine do you need that will work?

IE flucozole) tried 3x fluconazole 3 weeks reccomded dr p made little diffrence ,natural anti fungals (bad die off) and trying to completley adjust diet best can its very hard work.

what actually worked for people what made the diffrence ??? im now on steriods for adrenal which i feel might not be helping i need a way forward has any body got any help on severe candida how on earth can i get rid of this to restore my health im only 35 and totally lost my health any help would be fantastic i need something thats works what drs treat fungal infections should my test give the the evidence i need. spoke to endo and she said would not be a fungal infction or i would be in hospital hmm! thanks for reading sorry for essay

thanks sparkles

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You've had an awful time. This is a link which I don't know will be helpful to you but I hope so.

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Well, it's not true you'd be in hospital - my son's girlfriend has an awful case of candida at the moment and she isn't. Her candida affects the whole of her oesophagus, poor kid (she's 18) and everything she eats hurts on the way down. She's had to take fluconazole every day for weeks now. Her candida is due to another condition which is being treated now, but it's definitely something that can affect you in ways beyond the obvious thrush symptoms that most people think of.

Zoe Harcombe writes a lot about healing candida in her diet books - might be worth getting hold of one of them.


Gut health is of primary importance therefore you need to heal your gut. You will have an overload of bad bacteria, antibiotics making the condition worse in this regard. Try reading Dr Natasha Campbell's book Gut and Psychology for excellent information and what to do about it, this can be obtained from Amazon. I make Tibetan Mushroom Kefir (quite easy to do) as this is full of good bacteria to help healing, there are very good probiotics one can purchase which Dr Campbell recommends. You really need to research gut health to get you back on track. Sugar feeds on bad bacteria so this needs to be eliminated from your diet in any form. There is a lot you can do to help yourself as many here will testify. Good luck.

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Hello Joyia. Just been reading about Tibetan Kefir mushrooms, what a find! Where did you purchase your mushrooms, would like to give it a go?


Hi Sparkles1,

I had thrush for 3 years and my GP kept saying it was because I was diabetic and would not go on the diabetes medication and I needed to get my blood sugar under control. After being given Caneston Once all the time I decided to sort things out myself. I got my GP to prescribe me a low dose anti-thrush pill that I take everyday for a week, plus Gyno-daktarin pessary and I removed all yeast products from my diet and cut down/eliminated the carbohydrates (breads, pastas etc) and follow a low Glyceamic Load diet. My thrush cleared up within a couple of weeks and I am now very careful not to eat lots of high carbohydrate foods and rarely eat breads.

I hope this helps and lots of good luck with your journey towards a thrush free life.


Hi Sparkles1

I've had candida episodes of varying severity over the past 20 years (also caused by repeated courses of antibiotics!!) and I've found by far the best way to manage it and reduce symptoms is to minimise intake of sugar - by this I mean all added sugar, fruit/natural sugar, fruit, and processed carbohydrates (i.e white bread, anything containing white/overprocessed flours) and to increase intake of vegetables and unprocessed proteins.

You can never fully cure candida as yeast/bacteria are a vital part of your digestive system but you can manage the condition by not feeding the yeast/bacteria the thing that it needs to proliferate/multiply in the first place, and that's sugar!

I also take a probiotic tablet (20 billion dose) of good bacteria on a daily basis in order to help the good guys keep the bad guys at bay - it makes a huge difference!

[Super20 Pro from Healthspan - easy to buy online!]

Best of luck with getting it under control!




thankyou so much for your replies and support i will look into all these things i will take all this on board iv started with natural antifungals and die off has already started what a mess thanks againxx


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