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candida to treat?

Since starting to take "new" Erfa, a few months ago, I have been having all kind of weird symptoms...itching, dry, irritated skin, dry hair and eyes, mood swings, vaginal and rectal itching, sugar cravings...I could go on for ever. Today, I received the results of a hair analysis (you send strands of hair, 150 g in total, taken from all over your head, to the lab), and found out I suffer from candida infection.

I have been wondering if drugs containing sugar (like Erfa ) can cause or worsen candida infection, and if it would be any idea for me trying out Armour instead (as it contains less sugar)...?

I know there are a lot of OTC products to treat candida, and that a low- or non-sugar diet is essential, but I was wondering how taking an NDT medication high in sugar will affect me in the long run...?

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I can't see that taking even 4 grains of Erfa in one go - sorry not sure how much you're on? - could make much difference to your sugar levels. 4 grains is what, approximately 260mg in weight? Even if all of that was sugar - which it isn't - that would be a quarter of a gram of sugar. That's 1 calorie of sugar (based on there being 4 calories in 1g of sugar).

It's just not credible that could be a contributing factor to candida. It's sugar itself and carbs (both simple and complex) that are the contributing factors.

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I am taking 5 grains of Erfa daily right now. I asked this question because my symptoms of candida infection have been getting worse, and I have no idea what is causing them...I eat a low carb diet, avoid grains, flour, even fruit, eat mainly low carb vegetables, meat, fish, and good fats such as olive and rapeseed oil, and butter...I don't know if dairy products could cause symptoms similar to those caused by wheat???


Ah, yes. Dairy products can indeed be the culprit.

I've just edited this post as the reason why wasn't what I first thought it was. It seems there might be a number of reasons why, from candida being something that might actually be in milk, courtesy of cows having mastitis, through to mould (mouldy milk being cheese!) through to milk sugars - lactose - being something that candida thrives on.


I'm sorry anna, but rapeseed oïl is not a healthy oïl. It is highly processed - unlike olive oïl - and the processes are highly undesirable. Seed oils should all be avoided.

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Much more likely its your diet and a low immune system

You need to eat loads of plain NATURAL greek yoghurt

Garlic fresh grated onto salads

Vit C

Milk Thistle tincture 10 drops a day

Berberis Tincture 10 drops a day

and follow a very strict anti candida diet


Thanks! I love garlic, I just hate the idea of stinking garlic...what will people around me think...? As much as I love garlic, I hate the smell of it on other people's breath...!


Hello, I got rid of candida with SCD diet combined with orally taken nystatin. Diet only may not be enough - it wasn't in my case hence I added nystatin and that helped. Here is some more info from the lab I used to test fo candida:

The diet I used however was SCD:

Good luck!



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