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Ok here's the story so Monday I found out I had candida doc prescribed me nystatin 3x a day for 6 weeks started it monday. Tuesday intense itching started,Wednesday got worse along with hives and sunburn look almost everywhere was advised by pharmacy to stop nystatin so I did Wednesday .took claritin and activated charcoal and benadryl. Yesterday took zantac/zyrtec combo and activated charcoal. Its still there doctor called in a steroid but don't want to take that unless last resort. Idk if its an actual allergic reaction to nystatin or if the nystatin was killing too much yeast too fast and the die off effect was horrendous I figured either way by taking allergy meds and activated charcoal it would be gone but its not any better please help

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  • I'd say it was an allergic reaction to the meds for candida. Xxx

  • Hey Lindsey -your experience sounds horrendous. I just googled some naturopathic help guidelines for candida, if you are interested


    How are you?

    Warm Greetings

    Breizh xx

  • I think you need to look at diet as well :-) The gut can be the source of candida ....

  • It could be unrelated. I have had that twice. It lasted two to three days. If you have Hashimotos your immune system is over sensitive. You need to cut out all night GI food, preferably for ever. Sugar is a very easy thing to kick off if you have Hashimotos. My endo told me to go low GI right at the beginning. The Hives could have been. The Candida not the drug. You're obviously having a bit of a storm in your immune responses. Time to detox. No sugar low GI no gluten no dairy no nightshades and no yeast for a week. Good luck. It's horrible.

  • I've had it too! GP doesn't know what it is tested for a scabies!! It settled after about 4 days but I have to use an emollient every day otherwise skin goes crazy! Have the guy problems too 😏

  • There's a chance it could be die off. Though obviously it sounds like an allergic reaction.

    But as soon as I started killing yeasts and bacteria I got perioral dermatitis. Very itchy red spots and flaring around my mouth, nose, chin and eyes. It took a long time to clear, I'm afraid, but it did. Though recently, because I've had antibiotics, I've had an interim return.

    Whatever it is, I wish you well.


  • Hi I'd suggest live natural yoghurt lindsey,stop the nystin...use the yoghurt like a cream works wonder,also refrain from soap in that area,as soap will make the situation worst...

  • I totally agree about the natural yogurt make sure it's natural not vanilla like my eedgit of a neighbour. No soap maybe some antihistamine cream topically. I would also look a really good probiotic but as Marz and a few others have said our diets are the issue

  • Statins are deadly and no-one needs them. Doctors are PAID to prescribe them.

  • Nystatin is an anti fungal drug.

  • It's usually quite effective, but hard on the liver and the die off can make you feel awful. if you can bear to finish the course, I would.

  • I'm so sorry you're suffering, and taking so many meds that don't appear to be helping you.

    I would try 'live' yogurt, applied topically and ingested internally, and a course of probiotics, to fight off the unhealthy bacteria, from the health food shop.

    Also would cut out all sugar and reduce carbohydrates dramatically, focussing on fresh veg, fish, meat .......but low fruit intake, as it feeds candida.....bread contains yeast, also feeds candida, so would cut out anything yeasty including sounds extreme, but candida overgrowth will only thrive on carbs, sugars and moulds.

    I hope it helps you feel better soon!

    Best wishes

  • Definitely sounds like a reaction to the nystatin - you first need to get well from that. I would take the antihistamines for a few days and 1 gram of vit C until it has all settled. Then it would be sensible to start a natural anti candida protocol. Shout if you need help with that - but heal from this first / use coconut oil topically to assist the healing 💜

  • I had a similar reaction-would recommend short term course of steroids to tackle it..then longer-term dietary approach to tackle the candida as suggested by other posts.

  • It sounds like a reaction to the Nystatin. Have you stopped taking it? There is another anti fungal called fluconazole that your doctor could prescribe instead. The advice about the yogurts is good. Also if at all possible wear cotton underwear and avoid wearing tights while you're suffering.

    Hope you feel better soon.

  • Natural yoghurt smothered everywhere and Acidopholus to protect the stomach.x

  • Don't bother with live anything or probiotics while taking the nystatin, as it will probably kill them too. Topical yoghust id soothing. No contraceptive pill as it raises ph, which fungus likes. Long skirt and no undies ...

  • Hi Lindsay,

    It took a long time for your body to develop the poor condition that has allowed candida to proliferate. The only way to cure it is to change your diet completely and eventually the flora will move back into a balanced state, which could take a year or more. Trust me I know and went through hell, so I understand the frustration. One thing you could try if you want to attack the candida is cloves, 5-10 a night chewed and swallowed down with water. Will be more affective than nystatin. But try not to try every quick cure under the sun as there really is only one way.

  • 1. Anti histamine for allergic reaction.

    2. Try hemorrhoid cream for the itching (stops piles itching straightaway.

    3. Camomile liquid for itching as well.

  • Suggestions - I was affected in the past, be guided by yr GP & not a pharmacist or me, you need to continue with yr GP and to work closely together with the GP, in yr interest as the GP aim to treat. Nystatin takes time to work - it helped me with canestain cream

  • Definitely take some time to read about ph balance. There are some excellent natural treatments available like apple cider vinegar and lemon mixtures which help killoff candidita growth. Unfortunately the growth will return if the environment is optimal, therefore, a change in diet is absolutely essential. Numerous studies show autoimmune systems strengethen and even self-cure, to some extent, with plant based diets and macrobiotics.

  • Start by healing the gut l glutamine helps for this

  • Coconut oil is marvellous as it's anti-fungal - mixed with manuka or scottish heather honey and eaten raw for oral irritation. It can also be applied onto the skin. Also look up 'golden paste' - it's a homemade recipe with lots of benefits.

    There are also some good probiotic gels that work for bad bacteria and candida for down below - my GP recommended these and I've found them to be very good.

    I'm not sure about this as I've never officially tried it, but a FODMAP diet may be worth considering as a temporary measure.

  • Hi Lindsey - you might be interested in this too:


  • What form is your Nystatin prescription?

    If it is that liquid stuff GPs prescribe, it is ''contradictory'' as it contains lots of sugar!

    I use Nystatin in powder form (as antifungal). For the reasons you are now experiencing, it is advisable to begin treatment with a very small dose = a DOT dose is an amount of nystatin powder that can be picked up with the tip of a toothpick.

    So one would start with one dot dose twice a day, or even once a day. Continue by doubling the previous dose every three or four days. IF there are no adverse symptoms (like you are having now, could also be nausea and fuzziness) one can increase the dose to about half a teaspoon twice a day.

    IF symtoms do develop at any time one is taking the nystatin powder, one should return to the last previous dose that did not provoke any symptoms. This is defined as one's Optimum Dose. Stay on this until advised by your doctor to change (or one is better).

    In your case, seems like 1) stop treatment for now to recover, drinking a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate in big class of water should help too, 2) look for dietary changes too (such as to avoid sugar, dairy, wheat etc), and use food as thy medicine (grapefruit seed extract oregano, garlic etc), good quality supplements, essential oils to help with root cause/s, and when/if needed 3) initiate Nystatin treatement very gently, very slowly, with very small minute doses.

    Two old books that are still very valid indeed and I would recommend as helpful tools: William Duffy's book (from 1975!) called "Sugar Blues" - last year (finally) there started to be few professors speaking publicly about how bad sugar is, on the opposing side there are companies like British Sugar..

    Another old book is called "The Yeast Connection handbook" by William G. Crook, MD (from 1996) it takes an ''eternity'' to get things changed in the ''medical world'', thus in my view, one needs to take matters in own hands and do DIY health care (prevention and healing) - ultimately the top price is better health and feeling of empowerment of one's own body, life and health.

    I hope you will feel better soon.

  • PS: one can be allergic to for example Baker's and Brewer's yeast too, and by avoiding those gain better health, reduce signs & symptoms.

  • There are any number of things this could be. Personally, I would get a second opinion instead of trying all sorts of ways to treat something that might not be the correct diagnosis. If you have Hashimotos, you may have another auto immune disease down there that presents as Candida but you MUST NOT USE ANY OF THE RECOMMENDED THINGS SO FAR if this is the case. You will be prescribed the correct thing for the correct diagnosis and nothing else must go down there under any circumstances, certainly not yoghurt or you will make yourself very ill.

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