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Please help me x

To cut a long story short, for quite a few years I've suffered from symptoms of underachievement thyroid. Every so often the Dr has checked my blood and it's come back normal and that's been that

Lately I've been feeling really rough, I've been putting weight on like nobodies business and I've tried every diet going and can't lose weight. I also still have many other worsening symptoms associated with underachievement thyroid, no energy tired all the time and other things. I've been to Drs about my weight loss, or lack of it, and they just don't believe what I say, assume that I eat all the pies and just don't admit to it. I went to the Drs last week and as lovely as she was she just said I need to do loads more exercise and cut my calories even more. I'm on less that 1200 calories a day, often significantly less. Last year I discovered Cambridge, 450 calories a day and still couldn't shift the weight but the as meet is still more exercise apparently.

Anyway, this was supposed to be short. So I realised I was going to have to do my own research again and I've been looking again at my symptoms and underactive thyroid, and I have loads of other symtoms that I had no idea were even linked to underactive thyroid that I've been trying to sort by myself. I also had blood tests a few months back before an operation which showed my iron levels were low so the Dr then checked my feritin levels which were low, and tested me for coeliac which came back negative, however I've known for years that I have major gluten issues so have stopped eating gluten properly again.

I'm having blood tests next week to check my iron levels, and the Dr said she'll check my thyroid again, but I'm fairly certain it'll come back as normal, so I've decided to ask her to do all the blood tests for it, (i figure she can only say no) but I'm struggling to find an exact list for the thyroid tests, I've found a list on the b12 Web page that I saw a link to on here, but can someone advise please what other tests I should be asking for please?

Thanks in advance x

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For thyroid tests you need



FT3 (doubtful they'll do it but you can try)

TPO antibodies (thyroid peroxidase)

TgAb (thyroglobulin antibodies)

The antibodies will indicate if you have autoimmune thyroid disease (Hashimoto's)

For vitamins and minerals you need

Vit B12

Vit D



Transferrin saturation %

Vits and mins need to be optimal for thyroid hormone to be utilised.

Come back and post your test results with their ranges (they are in brackets after the result). Ask for a print out of your results, don't take no for an answer, you are legally entitled to them. Make a new post and members can help.

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Well... yet another doctor that knows nothing about thyroid!

Part of your problem is you're probably not eating enough! 1200 calories isn't enough. And over-exercising is only going to make things worse...

I explained all this earlier to someone else, so have a look here :

Ignore the bit about the cancer, that was for her, but the rest is valid for everyone. :)

Good advice from SeasideSusie about the tests.


Thank you so much for this help. Sorry I've not replied before, my Drs appointment isn't until tomorrow so I've tried to stay off here so as to not wind myself anymore while I was waiting. I've decided that if I have no joy tomorrow I'm having private tests done x


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