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Serious dark circles! What could it be/what can I do?

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Hi everyone,

I know this would normally go on a make-up forum, but my dark circles are so dark and pronounced I am starting to wonder if there is an underlying cause other than thyroid problems.

I sleep for 8 to 9 hours every night, eat a really good balanced diet with additional supplements, and have a regular routine. I don't smoke and only drink alcohol about four times a year.

I am now also drinking much less caffeine than I used to (2 to 3 cups of tea per day) and replacing with adequate liquids.

I have always had dark circles but never this dark. Might be worth mentioning my thyroid levels have been all over the place since July (T4 upper end of range, TSH elevated). Dark circles got really bad around January time. I've lost quite a bit of weight but don't think my face has lost that much...

Anyone have any ideas what it could be? Can I get rid of them? Any tips for cover ups/ quick remedies/ make-up if all else fails?! It's got to the point where people keep commenting how tired/ill I look which is just making me feel worse :-(



P.S Sorry for the second scary eye picture on here this week!

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Been there. For me supplementing B12 and fixing adrenal glands did the trick. Tho they never disappeared for good but much better now than some years ago.

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Like Justiina I was going to mention adrenals. I have problems with dark shading around my eyes, did a Genova 24 hour adrenal stress test and the result indicates low adrenal reserve. It might be worth getting a test. My B12 is in the 900s so that's not a factor for me.

An upper end FT4 and elevated TSH doesn't sound right but will leave that to someone who knows more about it.

Interesting. I have often wondered about adrenals but didn't realise it could make dark circles worse.

Won't hurt to do a test so I shall. Thank you both.

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check your ferritin levels too, iron depletion also causes pale skin and dark circles. common in young women.

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Ooh, thank you. I forgot to say I've had all my vits and mineral levels checked, all in the higher end of normal.

Another friend has just messaged me saying "are you okay you didn't look well yesterday"


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Marz in reply to BellaBop

Do you have copies of those vitamin results ? Not good to have the results told to you verbally - as normal is an opinion and not a result. You really need to know where your B12 - Folate - Ferritin - VitD actually are in their respective ranges. So important.

You may have high FT4, but what is your FT3? Dark circles Under the eyes can be a hypo symptom, and if you're not converting, you could still be hypo despite the other two results.

Hi Bellabop, I know that insufficient vitamin C can be a cause of dark circles around the eyes, worth a try?

I have exactly the same! Alongside with terrible fatigue and limp feeling body.. I am trying to find a doctor who would test for any underlying issues (am hypothyroid but do not know 'why'), also read that adrenals and iron deficiency could cause this charming panda look. Good luck, hope you find out and feel better soon!

Have you been checked for coeliac disease? My daughter was diagnosed with it last year and dark circles were one of her symptoms. After 6 months gluten free they have almost gone.

It could be allergic shiners I have a cows milk allergy and have very dark eyes

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