Hashimotos and post nasal drip symptoms

Hi I was wondering if anyone else who has thyroid problems also has post nasal drip and having to clear throat constantly . Would like to know if this is a symptom of hashimotos .

Would be grateful for any advice

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Hi Sandra - post nasal drip has been a symptom of mine (and many others) with hypothyroidism. When my medication is at its best I have less problems but at its worst it stops me breathing in my sleep. I was sent to an ENT consultant who suggested using a neti pot to wash my sinuses out. This does help. However I still think its strange that my requests to see an endo were refused lol

I have this, I have always connected it to hashimotos as it came on the same time. I only have it mildly, so I am thankful for that.

Hi. I have post nasal drip and I am Hypo. In Dr Skinners book he refers to this as a symptom of Hypothyroism.

Oh, most definately, yes! Very much so. What I find helps is pin resin. I buy little sucky sweets with honey and pin resin on Amazon. Or you can get a bottle of liquid pin resin.

Tastes good and helps a lot.

Hugs, Grey

Thanks, iv'e never heard of that before but I will try if they help , thanks again !

Just googled it can't seem to find it !

Good find, Mabes! Thank you.

You're welcome GG!

Pin - Pine?

GG vivent en France, où les pins sont des «pines»

Thanks everyone for your replies ...

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