Can't stop crying

I am awaiting the blood test results as I think my thyroid levels have gone haywire again. I feel so ill. I had a chest infection back in April, then a throat infection, had two lots of antibiotics which just cleared it. Now it's back again. Would ibe right in thinking if my thyroid levels are off, this could be the reason this bad throat just won't clear up, I also have thrush on my tongue which the GP gave me Nystatin, but that gave me a bad stomach, so I stopped using it. Have tried cyder vinegar to mouthwash and Oraldene.

I have no energy, chest pains on waking, blurred vision when the fatigue sets in and can't stop crying.

I had a problem with levels 2 years ago when my Mum died, my Endo upped my meds and it all settled down. Now I think it's all gone tits up again. Really don't know why.

I have been sick for so long I don't want to wake up in the morning to face yet another horrible day.

I have also been diagnosed with gallstones and will have to face an op. Also a double back tooth has to come out, but I can't face either of these because I feel so ill.

Two weeks ago I had to go to Moorfields A& E in London because I. Had a black line in my vision. I was concerned because last year I had a bleed on the retina in the same eye, well after waiting 5 hours it turns out some vitreous jelly had come detatched in the back of my eye.

Should also mention that when I had the chest infection back in April, I phoned an out of hours GP ( or so I thought) to get some antibiotics. I was switched through to 111 service. Soon as I said my chest felt heavy when asked what my symptoms were, she sent a paramedic and ambulance. They carted me off to hospital, despite knowing I was not having a heart attack. Anyway go cut this story short, the gave me an emergency CT angiogram, all was clear but that's when they found the gallstones.

After all this, do you think possibly this could have affected my thyroid meds ?

If you read my profile, I have no thyroid gland, as this was removed 9 years ago.

Just to finish off, I tripped over in the garden back in October and badly torn my tendon in my upper arm (rotar. Cuff injury). It's only just getting back to some normality.

Sorry I have waffled on.

Am off to get another tissue to dry my eyes.

Love Den xxxx

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((( Den ))) I'm not surprised you're crying, that's a helluva lot to deal with. Antibiotics can affect thyroxine absorption so your levels may be out of kilter. Has your GP palpated your throat to check for inflammation of your thyroid which may be causing your recurrent sore throat? It probably wouldn't be amiss to have a thyroid function test if you haven't had one recently and ferritin, vitamin D, B12 and folate. As you've been so unwell these may be deficient or low and you need ferritin to be 70-90 and the others high in range to help you recover and feel well.

I hope you'll start feeling better soon xx

Thanks for your reply, Clutter. I had a thyroid blood test done last Friday. GP only ticks the T4 and TSH boxes, but I ticked the ferritin and vitamin B12 and full blood count boxes aswell.

I haven't got a thyroid gland, had removed 9 years ago. All GP said its a virus with my throat. Sick to death of being told it's only a virus. Had Amoxcillan 500mg back in April for chest infection then Amoxcillan 500mg in May for the start of throat problems, then Penicillan AV 250 mg.

Den, click on Reply when you respond to a reply and the poster will get an email alert.

As Hennerton mentioned below you may need T4+T3 combination. Thyroidless people often don't do well on T4 monotherapy and need some T3 supplementation. Ask your GP to prescribe some Liothyronine (T3).

It definitely seems as though your thyroid levels are too low. When you get results, post here for us to see. I have also had TT and went through a bad period of infections in places I had never had them before in my entire life. Chest, sinus, foot. It was bizarre but I began to suspect thyroid even though I had always been told results were normal. Turned out my Free T3 was below range and I was anaemic, with low ferritin and serum iron. That was two years ago and I have tried every combination since then but recently started NDT and am feeling much better (but still have bad days)

I would guess your iron is also low and your T3. If your GP will refer you to an endo, ask for some T3 to add to your T4. Failing that, do what I am doing and buy your own NDT, which is best for TT patients. No thyroid is not easy to live with but you will never get a doctor or endo to admit it. Take control and be your own doctor. I hope you improve soon.

Thank you Hennerton for your reply. When I had my thyroid removed 9 years ago it took a little while but when the levels were correct, it was the best I had felt in years. I now think that 'honeymoon period' is over and now it's all downhill.

Den. xx

I hate anti biotics. They really affect me badly. Thank god I never (hope) have to take them again because I have treatment from my Chinese herbalist. Costs me in average at the most£ 50 a year, not even that. I know I keep saying it, but people please try and avoid antibiotics. I have two packets that were prescribed to me in the last two years. I took Chinese herbs made specially to my symptoms. I am sooooo sorry you feel so awful Den. I do hope you feel better soon. It must be hard to motivate yourself too I expect but there is so much information ow about thyroid, it should help. Good luck live, hope you feel better soon

Thank you for your kind words Mado.

Den xx

You could have Candida overgrowth. That can cause thrush. You also may want to go gluten free. Before I was diagnosed with Celiac, I had chronic chest infections, even pneumonia. I was never well. I, too, have no thyroid and I know all about the crying. This certainly isn't easy, that is for sure. It does sound as if your immune system is going haywire and gluten problems are notorious for causing that. Best of luck to you.

Thank you dellie. I have a mouthful of ulcers aswell, so I think my. Immune system is well down. Am gargling with cyder vinegar.

Den. xx

Hi Den,

Not sure I can be of help with this but I had six months of awful throat infections before I noticed swelling on thyroid, initially diagnosed as thyroiditis, progressed to Graves..... however, am well now, like the other posts it's important to get a wide spectrum of blood tests done to ensure nothing is missed..... also you haven't said what your diet is like or if you take any

Thank you for your reply Tilly. I don't actually have a thyroid gland, it was removed 9 years ago. I always tick loads of boxes on the blood test form, to make it worthwhile, as we have to queue for a long time at our local hospital for the blood tests.

Den xx

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