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confused about Graves

Hi I hope some one can guide me , I was dienosied with GD 2 years ago . In november I was told to stop the carb after 18n months of treatment my levels at that time were tsh =2.34. t4 = 10 t3 was 3.01 since november slowly but surely every thing is going wrong again . my tsh has droped to 0.65 t4 =14 t3 2.23

I know this is all in the normal range but its slowly heading back to over active , my muscles ache again pain in my neck and back and brain fog ( all these had disapeared ) Is there any one out there who finished with carb and then went back over active ? If so how long did it take ? I am very confused as i have most syptoms back with no answers from the doctors thank you for taking the time to read my post

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Your tsh has dropped so its not pushing the thyroid to make hormones, as the t4 has risen although less is being converted to t3, as the t3 has dropped from 3 to 2.2... This doesnt look over active, The free t3, looks a bit too low to be doing you any good.

I dont pretend to understand exactly how it all works with hyperactivity, but if you are going hyper i would have exoected to see higher levels of free t3, not lower.

The symptoms you describe fit in with hypo

You dont have hashimotos as well as Graves do you? Which antibodies were raised? Any idea?



thank you for your reply I have no idea about Hash as my doctor never talks about it at all ,


How do i find out which anti bodies are rasied xx


Write and ask which ones have been tested..... Here is an explanation.... Taken from.

Thyroid peroxidase antibody

(TPOAb)Autoimmune thyroid disease: Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (95%); primary myxoedema (90%); Graves’ disease (18%)

When patient has symptoms or test results suggesting hypothyroidism; when doctor is considering starting a patient on a drug therapy, such as lithium, amiodarone, interferon alspha, or interleukin-2, that has associated risks of developing hypothyroidism when TPOAb are present

Thyroglobulin antibody(TgAb)Tested as part of monitoring of treatment for thyroid cancer. Also present in autoimmune thyroid disease.Not as reliable as TPOAb in testing for autoimmune thyroid disease. Thyroglobulin antibody together with thyroglobulin levels are used at regular intervals after thyroid cancer treatment. The presence of thyroglobulin antibodies may interfere with the test for thyroglobulin which is also tested as a tumour marker.

Thyroid stimulating hormone receptor antibody

(TRAb)Graves’ diseaseWhen patient has symptoms of hyperthyroidism; to monitor effectiveness of anti-thyroid therapy.

Xx g


Hi Wendypartridge, as you posted your query six months ago I expect things have moved on, but I thought it worth responding anyway. I was treated with carbimazole for Graves Disease for around two years. I became pregnant a month into the treatment and took the carb throughout the pregnancy. After around six months off the carb the hyperthyroid symptoms returned and I subsequently underwent a partial thyroidectomy. I think 7/8ths of the thyroid was takenI wish . more had been left as I now need to take thyroxine, which isn't as straightforward as might be expected.

Hope this helps, and good luck with the management of your thyroid problems.


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