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Evening primrose


Hi does anyone know if evening primrose is ok to take when on thyroxine. Obviously about 6 hours later with my vit d. Thanks. Also just had a blood test after being on thyroxine for 6 weeks..results are t4 is 12.5 and the tsh is 3.60. Doctor said all within range and will leave me on 50 until retest in 3 months. Is it usual for the readings to improve so quickly. .suffering with the odd nights of no sleep at all! Wondered if I was heading for an overactive!

Many thanks

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Hi sroux, I have taken Evening Primrose in the past with Levothyroxine for breast pain and found that it worked well for other pain as well, although did not put two and two together at the time. You have to be careful to stop for a while if ypu are about to have an operation as it can thin your blood. Hope it helps you.


Star Flower oil has twice the amount of GLA then EPO and I found that SFO didn't give me a headache.

I take Statflower oil. Your Tsh is still too high and your T4 is low ( although you need to get the ranges to see where in the lab range you fall), but most people feel better with their tsh at 1 or below. Clemmie

sroux14 in reply to Barrister

Hi again the lab range for tsh is 0.35 - 4.94 and the t4 range is 9.00-19.00

I started at t4 9.8 and the tsh was 16.52...hope that makes sense

Barrister in reply to sroux14

So your T4 is low in range and you have room to raise that. And your TSH is high in range. You definitely need to have your thyroxine dose raised. And it would be helpful to find out your FT3 level. Clemmie

I started taking EPO/SFO manufactured by Lamberts about a month ago for breast pain, this was recommended by a Consultant at the Breast Clinic, have to say it has been a miracle as within days my breast pain disappeared, I have not noticed any side effects connected with taking levothyroxine, am just delighted my breast pain has gone.

Not only is it OK, but it is recommended if Levo is causing your hair to shed. :)

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