B12 and Evening Primrose Oil

All you clever people who have helped me ...  can you give me your advice 

I have a friend  who takes 1,000 mg Evening Primrose  and I have been 

telling her of the benefits of taking sublingual B12  and B Complex together

can you please tell me if you think it wise to take both B12 and B Complex with

her evening primrose ... 🌹

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  • Hi madge1979 as the B vitamins are water soluble I usually take those together and the EPO being fat soluble I normally take it with my vitamin D3 and fish oil with the fattiest meal I eat in the day, usually my tea. This is what makes sense to me anyway but I will be watching with interest for other's thoughts

  • ooooo  thank you for your quick response Pastille...🌹

    so you think that it is a safe combination ... OEP   B12 and B Complex  ?? 

    she was worried she would have to stop OEP  if she started the B12 and 

    B complex   

  • I wouldn't have thought so. I think you will find a lot of people on this site take all three and more

  • 💐💐💐   for you Pastille ...    thank you 

  • Aw you're welcome,  thank you too :)  

  • I take B12 and primrose oil together, not had any problems.

  • .....    and you too Miniliz      💐💐💐

    thank you

  • Hi Madge,

    I can't see any issue taking both, but I wanted to suggest starflower oil from borage, is better than EPO. More expensive, but a lower dose is more potent, so it should cost less.


  • thank you Mel ...  though ,  I'm not sure what Starflower Oil from Borage is ..

    I thought they were two different things ... ? 

    thank you for your response .

    Made X 

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