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Can Hashimoto's/hypothyroidism cause pregnancy/birth complications and subsequent issues with new born?

Hello everyone. I'm wondering if anyone can help me?

My husband has hashomotos (so do I).

His daughter (my step daughter) is borderline hypo and unmedicated at present.

She had severe complications during pregnancy and baby was induced 5 weeks premature.

(I believe this was due to uk guidelines and her not started on medication as her TSH was borderline!!!!)

Since the birth 11 weeks ago, baby has developed milk allergies. She has been on expressed breast milk, 2different regular formulas, lactose free milk, soya milk, 2 other special dietary formulas. All of which has cause allergies. Baby is going into hospital for a couple of days for a series of tests to find out why.

Has anyone else experienced this?

I'm telling my step daughter to ask for a thyroid antibodies test for baby and herself as I'm sure I've read that hashimotos can cause problems in pregnancy. I'm wondering if hashi's can cross the placenta and cause these milk allergies?

Any information and experiences would be gratefully appreciated.

Thanks in advance. Xxx

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I'm sorry for the worrying time your family is going through at present. Many doctors trained on clinical symptoms would most probably have prescribed for your step-daughter.

I cannot answer your question but I think it's wise to check both mum/baby for antibodies. I do know that after delivery women can have a flare-up, maybe for the first time and I'll give you a link. Hypo can cause fertility problems and 'female problems' too and some may have unnecessary hysterectomies. The clinical symptom being treated but not diagnosed as hypo as in the UK it is recommended not to treat until the TSH is 10 which is barbaric when clear symptoms are being produced. Read from the third question on.

There are other topics at the top of the page which might interest you. Links within wont work due to the site being archived due to Dr Lowe's demise.


Even if your step daughter has antibodies - it is possible that her FT4 - FT3 - TSH are in range. However if she has anti-bodies I have read here that they will treat when the TSH is around 5. I was treated here in Crete with everything well within range - but high anti-bodies. The GP explained - treating me was a way of supporting the thyroid whilst under attack from the anti-bodies. Simplistically put of course.

As the baby was born early - it is possible that the immune system was under-developed - and that the baby is still playing catch-up. Allergies are immune reactions after all. Auto-immunity seems to be something many docs shy away from.

I think - as shaws mentioned - have the anti-bodies tested.

Do hope all goes well with the new baby and your stepdaughter. The word borderline always leaves me wondering. Would it be possible to know what was tested and what the results were - for your daughter.

My Greek Endo thought I had possibly been born with Hashimotos. He had no reason other than my life-long medical history :-)

I have read recently that when the Mum is low in B12 and VitD it can effect the health of the new born baby - just a thought as I do not want to add to your burden.....


Hi there. I was diagnosed with Hashimotos back when I was 21 (now 50) and had a partial thyroidectomy. I went on to have 5 healthy children with no problems either conceiving or throughout pregnancies. However last child showed an severe intolerance to dairy milk and soya but seemed OK on lactose free. Now 16 years old and 6'4 but still has a mainly dairy free diet - he complains of sever stomach cramps and the most foul smelling wind if he has any dairy at all. Just to hopefully reassure you that he is fit and healthy in all other respects!


Yes, you step daughter should test for antibodies. If the NHS won't do it there is a full postal test available for about £90. How is she feeling? If she has antibodies she is at risk for post partum thyroiditis, and needs to be aware of the symptoms.

I am not sure about the baby, but she should certainly be checked when she is older.

Everyone on this forum with thyroid problems invovling antibodies, please please get daughters checked for antibodies, ideally before conception, because the NHS doesn't screen and there are proven risks.


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