Recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's, can this be hereditary ?

I was diagnosed in September with both Hypo and Hashi's, still researching conditions, my 15 year old daughter has been complaining for the past few months about having hip/joint pain, she also sleeps a lot and is always complaining about being tired, she also has dry skin, mainly on her head and her hair is very dry and brittle, she also has quite bad mood swings and used to be bothered with panic attacks, I have always put this down to her being a moody teen who likes to dye her hair but am now wondering whether it would worth making a docs appointment and asking them to do bloods, any advice appreciated, thanks !

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  • I would get your GP to check her thyroid function if I were you as thyroid illness can, and does, run in families. I hope that she is just suffering from "moody teenager" syndrome and not a thyroid condition.

    Moggie x

  • Good she has you looking out for her. I would get her tested - and I expect you know all the ones to have done is you are a regular on here. Also have her Iron Ferritin Folates B12 VitD checked. All the results need to be high in their ranges. Deficiencies can cause symptoms similar to being Hypo. With your own case history it should be easier for your doctor to consider action....

  • Thank you for the replies, I was at GP's today myself to get my latest blood results so have booked an appointment for her but the soonest appointment is at the end of the month, I also hope it is just moody teenager syndrome, Marz I have only been a member here for a few days so not a regular yet but wont be long, I do know the tests to ask for now after a good bit of digging but again hopefully it's all down to her age, she has also had a few fainting episodes and ended up in casualty once but doctor at the time said that it was pretty normal at that age, lets just say neither of us has been back to see him !

  • It is absolutely hereditary it runs in my family and i know a friend of mines daughter and grand daughter a regularly tested to be monitored as she has it and their gp is aware of the hereditary factor so get your daughter tested.

  • Hi, I have Hashimotos and no one else in my family has it. Hope you get the answers you need. Jo xxx

  • A lot of folks report it 'runs in the family' - it is hereditary in that folks have a tendancy to be 'prone' to Thyroid disease - but there's triggers and deficiencies to consider too - all a big jigsaw really (IMHO). Sadly causes aren't investigated, just symptoms treated (if you're lucky).

    Being a bit morbid - 2 aunties, 1 uncle and granddad had 'dropsy' & died in early 40s/50s - so can't ask them :( - but recently seen some old photos and noticed 'derbyshire neck' (although I'm in Shropshire!) Dad had pituitary problems (acromegaly) and also Diabetes 'runs' in family (autoimmune too) - I was just told they were all 'lazy'... so I wonder.... J x

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