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Hashimoto's and pregnancy

Please can I have your thoughts and experiences of thyroid and pregnancy.

My step-daughter has hashimoto's and is 12 weeks pregnant. She was only diagnosed about 6-7 months ago. (After her 1st child was born. She had complications throughout and gave birth 5wks early.) Not stabilised yet.

I've read you need 'more' medication when pregnant but also someone said 'less'.

She has an anti-natal appointment next week to discuss her thyroid with gynaecologist not endocrinologist. (Her levels are still off and she feels c**p. I know newly pregnant will make her tired etc. She suffers with hypememisis (spelling 🤔, severe morning sickness) could being under medicated cause this? Also complications during last pregnancy etc?

Help on things to say etc would be greatly appreciated.

Does anyone have experience of newly diagnosed and pregnant?


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I'm not aware that morning sickness is related to under or over medication. It is recommended the TSH of newly pregnant women should be in the low-normal range 0.4 - 2.5. Levothyroxine dose is usually increased by 30-50% when pregnancy is confirmed to ensure good foetal development.

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Thanks clutter xx


Yes the increase is to help the baby develop so it doesn't 'pinch' your share.

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Thanks silverfox7.

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Just wanted to say I am currently pregnant and I also have hashimotos and hyperemesis.

I strongly believe there is a link between the two. I have read research studies which state hashimotos can be caused by h pylori bacteria. The same bacteria has been cited as a cause for hyperemesis.

I'm not taking my thyroid medicine at the moment because I vomit everything out and I feel completely rubbish. I might try taking them at night and see if that helps. However I can feel that I definitely need them. Because without the thyroid medication all the low thyroid symptoms are back.

Best of luck to your stepdaughter. I know what a tough time this is for her.

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Before I was finally diagnosed with hashimotos, both my pregnancies I had the hyperemesis. I was on an IV for both pregnancies as I could not stop vomiting. Not even water would stay down. I also had to keep a towel at my mouth as I was constantly drooling. I have always thought there was a connection. Or, that this is what brought on the hashimotos.


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