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Pregnancy with Hashimoto's


Just wanted a bit of advice really. My husband and I are thinking about starting to try for another baby soon and I wondered if there is anything I need to think about or research beforehand? I guess I'll be under consultant led care if I get pregnant so they can make sure my levels are right but just wondered if there's anything else I need to bear in mind? Thanks in advance.

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Hi Polly2501 I can't offer you any advice but I am in exactly the same position as you so wanted to say hello. I guess you didn't have Hashis with your previous pregnancy?

Do you know for definite if you current TSH is under 2? Maybe get that double checked before you start trying - that was the advice I had from my Dr. He also advised to start folic acid as early as possible and to let him know as soon as I find out if I'm pregnant as it's likely he'll increase my levo by at least 25mg.

I'm not sure when it comes to being consultant led or not but would also be very interested to see if that's the case. I believe we would get more frequent blood tests, I wonder if we get more scans?

I hope all goes well for you, it's an exciting time!

Hi Alexandra! Thank you for your reply! I've just had a blood test after a dose increase (previous result was 2.3) so going to make an appointment with my GP next week to get my new results. I'm hoping I'm under 2 now. I'm also going to tell her my plans as like you said it seems like they increase your dose as soon as your pregnant. I was diagnosed last year after the birth of my first child so it's all new to me still and quite scary! Very exciting time, I hope it all goes well for you too!

Oh snap, I had a blood test this morning to check on a dose increase from 6 weeks ago (TSH was 2.07 so needed nudging lower) . Hoping I've managed to sneak under 2 as well!

I hope the GP gives you all the info you need and all goes well. x

How did your results go? Hope you managed to get under 2!

No results yet, I'm going to call tomorrow and hopefully they'll have them.

Do you have your Dr's appointment tomorrow? Hopefully a small increase should nudge you under 2 though it's frustrating waiting! Hope you're feeling well.

Well I've just heard back and my TSH is now 0.99 (range 0.27 - 4.2) so I'm really pleased! I'm feeling really healthy as well so seem to be getting on well with levo.

How are you getting on? I hope the chat with your Dr goes well and you get an increase, hopefully that's all you'll need.

That's fantastic! So pleased for you. My doc has agreed to another dose increase so on 150 meg now so hopefully that'll bring mine down further too! Feeling a bit more positive about it now.

Oh brilliant, well done you. Hopefully this will be all you need to drop below 2 as well.


It's recommended the TSH of women planning conception should be in the low-normal range 0.4 - 2.5 otherwise conception may be difficult and if pregnancy is achieved the risk of miscarriage is greater when TSH is >2.5. Levothyroxine dose is usually increased by 25-50mcg when pregnancy is confirmed to ensure good foetal development and to reduce the risk of post-partum psychosis.

Polly2501 in reply to Clutter

Hi Clutter,

Thank you so much for your reply, I'll have a look at those links. My last result was 2.3 but I've had a dose increase since then and another blood test so I'm hoping it's lower than that now but I plan to make an appointment with my GP next week to discuss. The letter I received from the doctors today just said 'your thyroid levels are within range' which really isn't helpful at all!

Clutter in reply to Polly2501


Ring your GP receptionist and arrange to collect a printout of your results and ranges and post them in a new question for advice before you see your GP.

It was 6 years ago now so it could have changed but when I was pregnant with Hashi's I was consultant led (for pregnancy but not birth) and given extra blood tests (extra scans were only when they realised the baby was big). To reassure you - I had no problems getting pregnant and no problems during pregnancy. I didn't even have to increase my dose because blood tests showed levels hardly moving (I was on 100mcg levo). I felt way better post partum than I did with my first child (when I was not diagnosed therefore not medicated).

Polly2501 in reply to Hypo32

Thanks so much Hypo32, thats really great to know. My first baby was only 6 pounds but 3 weeks early so it'll be interesting to see how big the next baby is if I'm lucky enough to get pregnant again. So pleased that you're feeling a lot better.

Polly2501 in reply to Polly2501

Hi again, just wondered if you remembered what your levels were throughout your pregnancy? Thank you!

Thank you for all your replies, really appreciate your help. I've just called the doctors and they've given me the following results from the 6th April blood tests:

TSH - 2.28 (range 0.35-5.5)

T4 - 12.5 (range 7 - 17)

Its strange that my TSH has only come done very slightly from my previous blood tests on 16th Jan when it was 2.3 (same ranges) and I've been increased by 25 mcg since then to 125mcg daily. My T4 in Jan was 15.2 so thats come down too.

I've made an appointment with the GP next Tuesday to discuss all this and wondered what you recommended I say? Should I ask for another increase in meds do you think? I'm really surprised that my TSH wasn't lower as I actually feel quite a lot better but since then I've also been taking B12 and Vit D so they may have contributed to it too.

Thanks again!

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