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How long after eating can I take my afternoon dose of T3, and how long do I have to wait to eat again?


I've been taking T3 (20mcg) as soon as I get up and then wait an hour to eat breakfast. I'm gonna start taking 30mcg. 20mcg when I wake up and then 10mcg around 8 hours later. I try and eat 6 small meals a day, instead of 3 meals a day, to keep good blood sugar and cortisol levels. So I'm wondering how to do this with taking T3 in the afternoon. How long do I have to wait after I've eaten to take T3 and also how long after can I eat again? Thanks

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This is a link re T3:-

I believe you have to leave a gap of two hours between eating and taking thyroid medication.

Neeta-K in reply to shaws

Thanks. That would be hard for me. i need to eat little and often.

mmmmmhhhhhh according to the pharmaceutical companies who produce T3 (any of the companies) T3 is 95% unbound and as such it is 95% absorbed in the gastrointestinal tract with nothing affecting this absorption.....

I take my T3 any time I like :)

Me too... mostly because I forget to take it a while before I eat and end up taking it when I remember :D On 125mcg now and people at work are starting to notice! I have an overactive brain again :D

I read that some people like to take their T3 with food because it slows down the absorption a little so that as much is absorbed but over a longer period. I don't know how true this is. I don't notice any different. I take my 50mcg half an hour before breakfast, 25mcg at 10:30 with a biscuit, 25mcg around lunch time and 25mcg at night after a snack. I'm pleased to hear that I'm likely absorbing it all. I was worried the food thing was why I was needing to take so much. Can't wait for the reverse t3 to clear in the next few weeks. Hopefully I will need a lower dose then.

...I too take my T3 four times a day without being concerned about food. Can't remember where I read that it was ok to do so - could it have been Paul Robinson's book ?

Hidden in reply to Marz

I read that t3 can be taken with food but levo has to be taken with water 2 hr before any food or drink , the levo always gets stuck in my gullet even with plenty of water so I now crush it in my mouth before swallowing it down with my water, some one else on another thread says this a dangerous for the heart to to it this way,,,,,,but I get terrible heartburn in my gullet if it gets stuck and if,,, I repeat if goes into my stomach it burns and gives me terrible heartburn as well,,,,by the way I have GORD, a hiatus hernia and gall be operated on very soon I hope.. Already had my pre op. Just waiting for my specialists approval and the op date to come thru xxxx

Neeta-K in reply to Hidden

Nuttyfish, this is off topic but you might be interested in this study;

I found out that I have a hiatus hernia too. I was told about it when I was 30, so pretty young. The study makes sense as Hypothyroidism can cause muscle weakness.

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Hiya are you still living in Crete, and did you mention a yoga retreat, if so once I have had all my ops and my levels are better I would love to pay you a visit, can you recommend somewhere to stay xxx

It's good to hear I don't have to worry about food. Thanks everyone :-)

Totoro in reply to Neeta-K

It makes a noticeable difference to me if I take my T3 with food. It doesn't work so well and I have a constant underlying tiredness.

I then remembered that when I first took T3 I noticed that I felt better when I didn't take it with food. I posted here and there was one other person who was like me. Most people didn't have a problem with taking it with food. I would try it out for yourself and see what works for you.

Neeta-K in reply to Totoro

Thanks for the advice.

Hi here What is T3?

Totoro in reply to Mazz64

T3 is liothyronine. It's the active thyroid hormone. If a person takes T4 that's inactive and so of it will convert to T3 in the body. Some people take T3 tablets because they work better for them and they may have a conversion problem

I don't adhere to any of this ' don't eat within 1 or 2 hours of taking T3 or T4' nonsense and I have even been known to swill it down with coffee and I feel fine!!! :-D

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