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GP said I should have T3 but will not prescribe as "we can't do it in UK anymore" Can anyone point me at where to get it?

As the title said, GP agreed that I should be taking T3 but "her hands are tied". I am content tot self medicate as she will continue to monitor but can anyone PM me where to get it from? I have had a go on a couple of sites but have been very concerned at the checkout stage that I am on a scam site and not gone through with it. Would be great to get a recommendation.

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You make get more success if an endocrinologists says you need T3


Ask why you cannot have T3 when your GP thinks you need it .If cost ,which is likely, write to your MP .Ministers have said that if a doctor thinks a med is necessary it should not be stopped on cost grounds alone.


Who has tied her hands? I get T3 from my GP on the NHS. Has anyone got a list of where it is or is not available? This has got to stop. We should not be experiencing some kind of post code lottery. How can they say you need it and then wash their hands of the responsibility?

Hopefully someone will be able to point you in the direction of some facts to help you fight your case!

Good luck and don't give up.


I get T3 from my GP on the NHS after an endo (from Louise Warville's list) prescribed it for me. Why don't you ask for the list and see if there is an endo on it near you and ask your GP for a referral? Good luck.


I have been told that all doctors (consultants too) were told to stop prescribing in September 2016 by Royal Colleges.


I also get T3 on the NHS (for the moment) but also worry that one day my GP will refuse to provide it.


From here in the US:

We don't have this problem here, but I have included the links posted by your neighbors their in the UK. Here are a couple of the links proving that the Dr.s hands ARE NOT tied:

Someone said they showed this to their Dr., and they quit trying to discourage them from Naturethroid. From what I gather, it is not entirely "True" that Dr.s there cannot prescribe T3. Many have pushed for the prescription and succeeded. Stand up and be counted!

I'm sure there are more from the UK that have, perhaps more documentation. Keep asking for the proof! Is it true that the Dr.s work for us, and not the other way around? Ha!


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