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Does anyone out there in the community know of the whereabouts of Dr Jean Haining who is based in the Brighton area her website appears to have been closed down and she is not responding to my emails.

I have been seeing her for 2 years she specialises in Thyroid health and works with the Wilson Protocol. Any information would be appreciated.


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  • Adara,

    I am sorry you have not had an answer to your post.

    You are welcome to repost your question in a new post.

    I am from the Brighton area and haven't heard of this Doctor before.


  • Thanks for your answer Flower!

  • Hi My daughter has been seeing Jane Haining for 18 months and I have been seeing her for 6 /8 months. My daughter was waiting for a treatment to be sent her for over 2 weeks but nothing has happened. We should both have been having an appointment on Thursday morning but of course we won't attend now. We have tried 3 emails, 2 texts and a phone call and nothing. We do know that her Mother was ill up north, so we can only assume that this has got worse and she has been called up north.

    She is sooo good at what she does that we are prepared to wait until she returns.

  • Thanks BAHRV for your response it does seem strange that she has not left a note on her website to say when she will be returning (which is now offline until further notice). Hope she is ok.

  • Hello, have you managed to see Dr Haining recently?

  • Hi

    No I have not managed to see Jean. Her website seems to have closed down .Its a real loss as she was a good Doctor. Have you seen her or do you have any information about her?

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