MAGNESIUM - Dr Carolyn Dean

Dr Carolyn's take on Magnesium is that most of us are deficient and that it is one of the most vital minerals we need for a lot of things. She herself has had thyroid issues. She makes a lot of sense. She is medically qualified but has been on a mission for very many years to bring health awareness especially to women and knows a lot about allopathic medicine and her belief is that often it keeps people seriously sick. If anyone is interested in an article by her about Magnesium it's here

As I mentioned yesterday, I take her ReMAG magnesium.

It is available through x 1 supplier in the UK.

Otherwise via USA.



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  • Please could you PM me the details? I am currently taking magnesium citrate, but even a low dose gives me loose stools - from what she says this would seem to indicate that I don't need it??

  • I think you are safe to post links - I do it all the time, as do others, for supplements from Amazon ect and here is the appropriate section from the guide lines.

    12.If you post a link, please at least explain briefly what people can expect to find if they follow the link. Links without such an introduction/explanation may be deleted.

    Moggie x

  • Hi While it is true that a lot of people are deficient. it is a tin y range and an electrolyte ,so supplements should only be on a script with frequent magnesium bloods done. However, the more taken in food, the better.lots of foods see the WEB. It also strongly effects potassium , which is a very dangerous electrolyte, too high can cause renal failure or cardiac arrest, too low , can cause cardiac arrests. These Potassium ones are usually lethal.


  • I'm very confused about Magnesium. I used to take mega doses for constipation, and had read it wasn't used by the body and just "passes through" but all the talk of heart issues worries me. Nowadays, I just use Magnesium oil to help me sleep...and hope that's OK!

  • Hi That used to be considered the case, but not necessarily true.I have to take a lot of magnesium on script, renal and cardiac specialists. However, when it goes below its tiny range, now, I am told it is too dangerous to have an IV of magnesium. At one time in hospital, it was given , changed now for safety.I have weekly tests and am told the magnesium oxide, take is the only one any use. I also have tyo have U`s and E`s twice a week for the potassium mainly . It is really quite complicated. Food, what is not needed is excreted, not always magnesium. The test, not perfect but work with me to control my dosage. The test purely magnesium , so cheap. GP doers mine but would not cost much through the WEB Some people use Epson salts purely in the bath, no prrof but cannot see why that should hurt.


  • MY GP does not provide Magnesium levels tests or any help on Magnesium - has no knowledge as don't most Drs.

    Hence Dr CD's big interest and pioneering work into this - she has a lot of info about the suggestions you make above in her 'knowledge base 'available via her website. From what I have read she would suggest the opposite of what you have written Guess there is always going to be differing views about everything..............


  • Hi Of course. My info etc from many cardiologists ( even bad ones!), renal specialist, top one and my good Endo, all their field.GPs are usually quite ignorant about all electrolytes, I try and educate docs about it!!!Even now , not all cardios are aware of Potassium arrests, any age, usually lethal, sudden death etc.

    I do not want to frighten people but I believe knowledge is so important.


  • Too late Jackie-you've frightened me!!

  • Sorry, but if I or even some of the doctors looking after me, years ago, my life would be very different.

    Best wishes,


  • I thank Jackie as she is the voice of caution (IMHO) as she has experienced what could happen, yes and that is sometimes very scary, down the road ....

    but everyone's different - yet it has to be said as we can't presume to know where folk are on their journey.

    When I found out I was low in VitD, I was amazed & relieved how the pain went and I wanted to shout & tell the world of this easy solution (and I did!)

    however, some folk need to watch their calcium levels - so perhaps my own experience/enthusiasm could be dangerous for them - not all can tolerate VitD like me, despite helping calcium for most - I listened and learnt that we don't necessarily have the same reaction, we are all different.

    We can help ourselves to a degree by getting tested first, trying to get more of a particular vitamin/mineral in our diets, or supplement but we need to know the limits - after 4 years of 'mooching about' I now am very aware what applies to me may not apply to others. It is easy to say too much Magnesium just gets excreted - usually it does - but who knows? maybe for that one person it may be harmful like too much iron is not good.... so best to be on the cautious side, I think. J :D

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