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My 35 year old son displayed ADHD symptoms as a child but despite my efforts was never diagnosed. Lack of concentration, hyperactive – all the classic signs. He’s just about managed to get through life this far but with his life being like a rollercoaster. But now his life is collapsing; he’s having a complete meltdown and is having to move back in with me. He’s a qualified electrician but can’t cope with the stress.

I know my thyroid was low while pregnant with him but I don’t think he seems to have thyroid symptoms.

Are there any obvious blood tests I can get for him? Vitamins, minerals etc. Read that one ME sufferer discovered she couldn't utilise Vit D & now recovered. So vits/mins do play vital role in body/brain function. I have read in the past that Omegas help but forgot about it as he’s anti tablets. Now though it’s a desperate situation. Sorry to ramble but am so worried.

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  • Do you think you might have had low iron and or vit d probs when u were pregnant?

  • Thanks, that is very possible. I had lost 4 babies at various stages before pregnant with him. So had to have 8 months bed rest, progesterone injections at week 16, and schirodkher stitch around cervix to get a baby. So I had been inside all through his gestation.

  • I wonder if it would be worth having his neurotransmitters tested? It's a urine test, but I'm not sure where you can order it from. The place I used no longer sells the test.

  • Thanks, rosetrees. I had no idea could get neurotransmitters tested. Will do a search.

  • I have an idea that my test might have been sent to Pharmasan in the States.

    I think my practitioner has an account with them, so if you're interested I could give you his contact details and his office might be able to get a test kit sent to you. No promises.

  • Thank you so much rosetrees. Very grateful if you could do that. This site is amazing, so many lovely people

  • Sent you a private message

  • Will he do blood tests? Fbc, serum ferritin, b12, D, the usual stuff... Is he depressed or very anxious? Would he take supplements or too low?

    Is he having problems sleeping?

  • I would have to muster the energy to do all I can to get him to his GP. Sorry, what's fbc? I was going to get him to have the 'usual stuff'. He gets very depressed if he hasn't worked, therefore got no money, it's all a catch22. He is a night owl & cannot get up in the mornings, which is the main reason he can't get to work. It seems to me it's that and his concentration levels. He's almost showing bi-polar symptoms, happy when things going well & very depressed when he hasn't managed to get out of bed; but there are always reasons why he's either up or down. About 6 months ago his GP prescribed anti-depressants but he's now admitted he didn't take them. Thanks

  • Could you please list the blood tests you think would be relevant. cheers

  • fbc is full blood count.

    there is quite a bit of research now pointing to the possibility that those with adhd have low brain iron, but it does not usually show as low ferritin. However I would think low ferritin might make it worse.

    It sound as though there might be problems getting to sleep and sleeping soundly, you can buy melatonin over the onternet. gnc is one brand, i use cherry flavoured sublingual with my son sometimes, 1 mg, a very low dose and safe, at bedtime. It is not an opiate or addictive, it is a natural hormone which helps set the time at which you go to sleep, it is definitely worth a try. It is also a potent brain anti oxidant, which may be useful.

    I think you could supplement straight away with vit d, 5000, it is winter and his supplies are likely to be low unless he has been supplementing already.

    Do you or his father have/had anybcondition like low b12 which might give a clue?

    How is his nutrition?

  • His nutrition isn't wonderful. No known vitamin deficiencies but I have hypothyroid so I must have had deficiencies. Thanks for your help

  • Also it may be worth your having a read on throid resistance syndome which has been linked with adhd like symptoms. There are some experts on that on this forum... patient-experts, I mean

  • worth reading up on melatonin before starting it.

  • Thanks Jegg, I've had some great replies here. x x

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