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Please could someone confirm about vitamins please think I've been doing it wrong ? Been taking my b1 vitamin after breakfast about 2 hours after Levo .. And soon after vitD .. Looked back on some posts and it says 4 hour gap for vitamin D from Levo and 2 hour for other vits .. I know iron must be 4 hours but didn't think vitD was ??? Thanks in advance :) xxxx

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I don't know about Vit D but I've also heard that iron is supposed to be 4 hours at least away from Levo. Vit D is supposed to be taken with the fattiest meal of the day (or at least with some fat) and for me that usually is my evening meal. I take all my vits and mins with food as most of the instructions say to do this, better absorption and lessens the chance of upset stomach I believe.

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Hi seasidesusie thank you for your reply :) I thunk I saw on this site something about 4 hours for vitamin D after Levo ? Will take mine now with my evening meal :) thank you for that :) xxxxxx


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