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My Thiroyd journey so far!

Hi everyone! Hard to believe it's been almost 5 weeks since my blood test results came back and the wonderful Clutter recommended a rise to 3 grains and then 3.5 grains!

This level of Thiroyd is really suiting me! My energy levels are definitely up and I am feeling happier and more content in myself. Getting up in the morning is much easier and for about a week now, I haven't had to collapse into bed as soon as I get in from work.

Clutter advised getting my levels checked again after six weeks, so that's my next goal. Considering I began this journey early in October I must say to anyone considering dropping Levo for NDT that this is not a fast process and you need a lot of patience!

Thank goodness for Clutter and the wonderful people on here! I could not be doing this without your help and support!


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Thanks for posting, MichelleBelfast. I'm glad the dose increase has been positive :)


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