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hi everyone

Requiring some help to understand why if on block &replace l feel so bad. as stated before weight gain nearly 5stone onb/r for 3yrs had decompression of eyes for Graves 2yrs ago. Absolutely no energy!!

results this week.

free T4. 16-8

tsh. 0-21

free T3. 4-3

Are these acceptable levels because l am at my wits end with tiredness pain in joints and totally depressed which is out of character,not the same extremely fit lady l was.

Any replies or ideas would be appreciated


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Block and replace doesn't suit some people, I certainly didn't get on well with it. Have you considered surgery ? Being hypo can be much easier to deal with.


Without the ranges its hard to tell, but assuming the free t3 range goes up to about 7, then you maybe could do with less block and more replace.



What doses of Carb and Levo are you on? They tend to leave the Carb the same and change the Levo dose to suit. You read as if you need more Levo.

Three years seems a long time to be on B&R, I may be wrong, but never heard of that length of time before.

I was on B&R and never felt well, but if I had known then what I know now I would have increased the Levo myself regardless of my Endo telling me I 'must be ok as I was in range' *rolls eyes*


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