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Bristol support group/ Cancelled



Just to say the Feb support group will not take place this Friday

I haven't had any interest so will prospone and see if any interest for March

Watch this space for SEPTEMBER this year when a fellow Graves sufferer will be fully qualified in Nutritional therapy and who is studying THE THYROID will be offering an evening support group.

Sally C

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I'm sorry Sally that you had to cancel due to no-one responding to your invite. I hope more will accept next time as it is good to chat to others in the same boat. :)

It is very unlikely you will get enough interest when you are trying to organise a local meet up group. Because there are not enough people with that problem who live within travelling distance and/or they are not available on the day of the meet. I have organised many support groups for all different illnesses and problems over the years and in the end the only one which is practical is a telephone and/or email support group - where distance and sometimes availability don't become a problem. One support group I run has over 400 members but if you told them to meet up it would become less than 4 members.And anyway I would not have time to do all of those meets myself. Also, unless you are used to running support groups you would find that people mess you around or take up a lot of time often just wasting it, and it all goes to seed anyway.

Thanks for your reply its a shame you are so negative!

I can assure you I am no novice to running groups as a Health trainer that is something I do most weeks

when we first started the group I would have anywhere up to 16 come along! That was 2 years ago

What is great is that a lot of the original group are on a road to a far more stable and happier life and some of this is due to the info and support they got from others in the group. There were several members who came an extremely long way some over 2 hours drive!

And as I said when I have one of the original members on board who is near to qualifying in nutritional health and majoring in the field of thyroid function we will start an evening group from September which I have no doubt will be eagerly attended !

Well that makes two of us with a lot of experience of running groups then. I never tried to start a local group for thyroid problems or any other health problems because I know you would get just a few or they only come for a short while or both. It needs to be more international and also easier to access - i.e. phone or email - to work. Some of them are housebound or just cannot get there that day. The fact some would come for two hours proves what I mean, they cannot get somewhere local so they have to travel further. But how long before they are too busy or fed up with the travelling.

There are lots of things to take into account with such things - how much do you charge to cover your costs and time - many other things too. Seeing as you usually have to hire a hall or something for meets there are expenses involved.

I own a very large house so I am in an unusual situation where I can have some meets here in my own home when it suits me. But that doesnt mean that it is wise for me to do that, quite the opposite in most cases.

We are all entitled to our opinion and at least mine comes from having had some experience in this, not just guessing. But I do wish you well with your venture, I really do, and hope the group grows and flourishes and lasts, for your sake and theirs. Whatever I say would not prevent that.

Oh Sally ,I didn't know there was one ,I have graves and no thyroid and would of loved a meet up..I do run the local me meet ups monthly but it's good too speak with others and get and give support ..was it just advertised on hear? X

Where in the Bristol area do you hold the meeting I would be interested live near Bristol

Knowles west healthy living centre Knowles west

I will try again for Feb if that's any good?


Hyperthyroid and live on the outskirts of Bristol - North Somerset.  Are you still meeting and if so when is the next meet up?

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