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Hi everyone

Bristol support group meets at The Knowle West Health Park in Meeting room 1 which is adjoining the cafe.

11am - 1pm Everyone welcome

Friendly informal group

I may not be there as I have been unwell with some Flu bug but the room is booked so please come along, other members of staff will be around if you need anything

Sally C xx

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Hi Sally, thanks for letting us know.

Hope you get well soon. :)

Take care

Jo xxx


I would tell him you have stopped but carry on. Not his business. X


Hi, thank you for your post. How often does the Bristol group meet? Please can you give an idea of what happens, I was diagnosed exactly a year ago and would probably benefit from sharing with others. Thanks


we meet on the 1st friday of the month, its very informal, nice and friendly and a place where you can ask questions ,talk to others who understand and get support, do come along everyone in the group has found it helpful.

sally c


Sorry I didn't make it today due to half term - hopefully see you next month :) Hop you feel better soon Sally xx


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