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Support Group Meet in Oxfordshire/Bucks


Following my recent post around March time asking if there was a support group covering the above areas, several people have expressed an interest in meeting with the view of starting up a support group. A suggested area to meet is around Waterperry Gardens. If anyone is interested can you please let me know what times and days would be suitable and if the destination would suit or if not any other suggested meet up destinations.

There were at least 8 people who messaged me back so I feel it would be beneficial to us all if we could get something going.

Hope to hear back from you all again :-)

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Good idea to have a support group, how about Salisbury's in Heyford Hill!

Hi, If it's where I think it is, that would be good for me. Awaiting response from the others that initially contacted me and will confirm back to you. Jane


Hi Janie

If you have a successful meeting, perhaps you would like to add the group to the TUK support List. :)

We can also send you through some 'stuff' for your meetings (sample magazines, leaflets etc) if you come onto the list. :)



Hi Louise,

Many thanks for your message.

I had many initial responses so am hopeful we can get something up and running.

Will let you know how it goes.


That sounds a great idea. I live in Oxfordshire and would be very interested in meeting up with fellow sufferers. brooksey

JanieJ in reply to brooksey

That's great will keep you posted. What times and days would be best for you? Jane

brooksey in reply to JanieJ

If in the vicinity of Oxford, or West Oxon anytime or day would be possible.


I'm definitely interested, I'm in North Oxfordshire, so I know you were talking about doing something close to Oxford before.

I am right at the bottom tip of South Oxon, so would prefer something nearer than Waterperry or Heyford Hill, wherever that is. Maybe we need two groups? Oxon is such a big county.

JanieJ in reply to Hennerton

Hi, I am guessing you are nearer Henley and I am just outside Chinnor. I have had replies from a lady who is prepared to come down from Banbury and two others from the Oxford area. What is the farthest you are prepared to go? It might be an idea to try yo have an initial meet up and then work out the logistics after that? Jane

BeansMummy in reply to JanieJ

I agree, maybe get something booked as a one-off, then discuss other options at that get-together.

Hi, I am also in the same area and both destinations are doable. The sainsburys is on the Oxford ring road just past Cowley. Most of the people who responded were either close by or prepared to travel, so am concentrating on finding a venue that will enable those from bucks and berks, if they are prepared to travel to meet up as well, as Waterperry or Sainsburys would be preferable to me too and has been suggested, one of those I think should suit. It would just be good initially to have a meet and then take it from there.

What days and times would be good for you?


I live in Didcot (someone has to confess to that) and would be interested in joining a support group if one existed! Please note I don't drive so public transport access unless I could convince hubby to drop me off



I am interested in Oxford group, but cant attend any meeting till after January. Thanks

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