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Lancashire - a roving support group?

Three or four of us have been meeting informally in Chorley since the Spring of this year. Now we are formalising things a bit and becoming an officially-recognised Thyroid UK support group.

I have had messages from a few people from different parts of the North West expressing an interest but unable to get along to the meetings due to health/transport issues.

Those who come along to the Chorley meeting have had a chat and we wonder whether a roving support group (i.e., a group that has a circuit of two or three different venues around the county) would be of interest to people.

I am trying to get a feel for whether this would be worthwhile, so if you are interested please could you either post here or send me a PM stating whereabouts you are located.

IF Chorley is accessible for you, please could you indicate this as well. We meet in the town centre literally 2 mins from both the bus and train station.

I will endeavour to answer all responses/queries!

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I must say that sounds a really good idea of having a roving support group. Not in your area unfortunately but wondering whether to get the ball rolling for us Southerners.

Am sure you'll get a positive response and good luck.


Thanks cinnamon_girl!


Are you still meeting up?


Hi Keziablue,

Have private-messaged you.


Is this group stilll running? I live in Wigan. Happy to travel to meetings anywhere in north west.


Hi andreaumbrella,

Great to hear from you! We don't have a meeting planned in the very near future, but have private-messaged you with my contact details. I'd love to have a chat with you.


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