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Hi guys!

Just wondering if anyone has any experience of using Lugols iodine drops. Mine arrived this morning. I put a drop on my wrist earlier. Am I correct in thinking that if it disappears within a few hours, a deficiency is indicated but if it's still there after 24 hours, no deficiency is indicated?

On a lighter note, I've already had two people ask me how I bruised myself! 😀

Best wishes to all my NDT friends!


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  • The iodine patch test shows nothing useful about your iodine levels.

  • Hi Michelle,

    if you're going to follow the Iodine protocol for your thyroid, you will need to read the two books; Iodine Why You Need It, Why You Can't Live Without It by Dr David Brownstein, and The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow. These two books take you through the process you need to follow, and there is also a support group on FB for this as well.

    Arab. 🙂

  • Hi, I took lugols iodine solution for 5 years happily, to support my adrenals. I had no previous thyroid issues or family history of it. I also took selenium which you need to compliment the iodine supplement. I went along without incident my TSH was 1.6 in July 2015, then in early oct I ended up in A&E in the middle of the night with a heart rate if 170 which wouldn't come down. I was put on beta blockers. A week later still feeling awful my GP did bloods and found I had primary hyperthyroidism.

    TSH undetectable

    FreeT4. 62.6 (12-22).

    FreeT3. 22.3 (3.1-6.8)

    Which he put down to me overdosing on the lugols solution.

    I personally think my levels were effected by my milk intake as six weeks earlier I went dairy free so had a much lower calcium intake than usual. Calcium binds thyroid hormones in the gut effecting absorption into the bloodstream. It is too much of a coincidence to me. I stopped the iodine and now currently my TSH is 4.5 (0.3-5.5) back down within range although I think too high for me and I am just waiting to see what happens from here. Other family members also took iodine. They too stopped when I became Ill but have gone back on it as they feel better on it. One had palpitations again when he came off iodine so recommenced and they went away and another had urinary issues before iodine that went away and came back when he stopped the iodine, so he started taking it again and says he is back from typical aging prostate issues to being like a "young lad". I would read Lynne farrows book, it is very informative. I took a 24 hour urine collection test before I started taking the iodine, which showed I was very deficient. I too had heard the skin test is too crude a test as there are many factors that can affect skin


  • michelle, I bought lugols but I wondered if It might be too strong so I did a bit of fishing.. I found nascent detoxidine iodine. this is gentle.

    it is gentle on the stomach amongst other things. you only need a couple of drops in water and I was taking about 6 or 7 and my endo did a blood test and queried my thyroid

    levels- the best it had ever been,--- and I felt better than I had for ages.. altho still very unwell but then I have been extremely unwell for a long time, however,

    my tsh went 0.04 it is usally 0.03 but I am on t3, my ft4 went to 19.4 where it had always been about 12 0r 13 and ft3 went from 3.6 to 10.9 whoa! but--- I am NOT a clone, I am unique and cos the powers that be say I should have a level of whatever, it

    doesn't mean that it suits ME and my mechananics.

    so I left it off and later did test and explained to him why, my crappy old levels are back to being ft3 -- 3.4 and ft4 15.4 and tsh 004 but hey, it works , it does boost your

    thyroid, but you do need to read up FIRST.


    I shall go back to taking it again, when my other tests are all done.


  • The iodine vanished from my wrist in half an hour, and it was a large dolop, but supplementation seemed to make me worse! Go carefully.

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