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Candida/ yeast overgrowth at ovulation each month?

I think I may have a yeast/ candida overload. I am noticing symptoms only around ovulation time ( like a flare up and then symptoms will disappear) does that mean that it's still there all the time lying dormant? I can get a Fluconazole tablet but not sure if that will do the trick. Thinking about it I have had a hard time giving up sugary foods since Christmas. Any advice for treating this? Also, I do have low estrogen. Would this contribute to the whole cyclic pattern? Thanks :)

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Yes it's the sugar! Well it's making it worse, you need to go off all sugar, biscuits, fruit, fruit juice, drink lots of water and go on a garlic and parsley tablet for a month. If you can't buy them just go on a Garlic tablet, it kills yeast overgrowth. Wishing you well.

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Thankyou :)


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