Depressed for two weeks each month

So, I made the switch from Levo to NDT 3 weeks ago. It has totally killed off my desire for my habitual afternoon cat nap and I have been without any symptoms since then. Even lost 3 kilos which I think was just a general reduction of bloating. Also lost the uncomfortable permanent swollen tummy that used to ache when I pulled my jeans over it.

But, I have still have the depression for two weeks which hits me as soon as my period lifts. According to my diary I tend to feel like this each month. I keep wondering if this points to anything such as a hormonal imbalance and if so, what the likely cause might be? I just don't think it is caused by Levo or NDT. Does anyone else get this?

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  • I do get really bad pnt yes. I start picking holes in my life/relationship and it all seems so bleak until aunty flo arrives

  • I am the same. My partner is a wonderful man and I think terrible thoughts about him during the depressed phase. The other two weeks I don't have any of these negative thoughts!

  • Hi.

    I firmly believe it has nothing to do with your NDT. I were exactly the same case for years. 2 weeks depression... Then upper a bit, then post period crap again...

    My private doc suggested blood spot test for female hormones... so i did and found I was below the norm on testosterone (regulates mood besides other) also had low progesterone or rather it was jumping up and down with too much difference and that is why I felt happy, depressed, happy, depressed..

    So i started on bioidentical testosterone cream and progesterone torches and I feel normal. This has made incredible difference and I want to live my life and wake up happy most days. I laugh, smile... Its incredible not feeling down all the time.

    BTW, when I did this tests on NHS apparently all was fine. Obviously they didn't care. But privately it was a whole different ball game. Also taking NDT as I did before that. My doctow said it's never just the thyroid. Its the whole endocrine system so all the hormones can be messed up

    Good luck.

  • @Katka Thank you.

    I'm going to make an appointment with my GP and ask for some hormone tests....then take these to the private GP for his interpretation.

    I took progesterone cream a few years back when I was pregnant as I have a short luteal phase. Unsure if it worked or not - too many other hormones floating around at the time!!

    I don't think it's the NDT either :-)

  • Just remember that test has to be done on the correct day of the cycle. Like 21St ideally :-)

  • Really pleased your thyroid treatment's working for you.. I agree it's nothing to do with the thyroid and is probably more a case of chronic inflammation. If you can get a private doc to sort out your hormone imbalances that'd be the best thing to try. Just bear in mind that it won't necessarily fix the cause which could be down to something less easy to diagnose like a chronic infection, autoimmune issues, gut problems and allergies.

    It's sometimes worth trying a few things out in the short term to see if symptoms improve - I'm all for a tailored individual approach - because in my large very diverse family we have someone who can't digest fats, another who can't digest animal proteins due to an autoimmune liver problem and me (gluten sensitive).. Don't follow any dietary evangelist's advice as they tend to have a one-size-fits-all attitude which I abhor (I saw the show on t.v. last night - v. interesting), just go literally with your own gut instinct!

  • HLAB35 Thanks for your reply.

    Lots of food for thought.

    Yes, I agree - need other hormone levels checked as a starter.

    I suspect that I may have a hernia and who knows what else.... All I know is that I'm 39 and have two autoimmune diseases (have very mild psoriasis too). Underlying issues need to be tackled so that I do not end up with 3, 4 or more!!

  • Thanks for the info you provided Katka. I shall try your advice as I too suffer badly with constant mood swings. I'm a very laid back and positive person by nature but just can't shake these monthly demons that totally take over my rational thinking. And I know it's hormonal as it's every single month. I shall look into what you suggested. Thank you, Kim

  • Hi Helena,

    not sure how old you are, I had terrible mood swings in my forties leading up to the menopause.I went on HRT at 51 and this helped a lot with levelling out the peaks and troughs of the oestrogen and progesterone. The pill also helped me when I was younger ,but it is not advisable for everyone.

    I don't think it's anything to do with the thyroid.

  • blondpalomino I'm 39 so maybe I am in the peri menopause phase now.

    I've never taken the pill regularly but will have a look into taken this.

    It's like two weeks out of the month I'm happy, no anxiety, all okay and then a switch is turned and I can't cut off the bad thoughts, then all of a sudden the dark cloud lifts and takes the depression with it. Infuriating!!

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