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Candida, sinusitis and Hashimoto's

I have Hashimoto's. There are lot of knowledgeable people on this site, do any of you know of a link between candida and sinusitis. I can link Hashimoto's and candida but wondered why this year I've had repeated bouts of acute sinusitis. I've had persistent nasal/facial congestion for many years and produce a lot of discharge from my sinuses which I have to cough up several times a day but it's never really been painful. This time it's awful and it's infected my gum so badly that I will have to have my root canal re-done and may even lose the tooth

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Hi Noelnoel.I don't know the answer to this.I know there is a link between sinus problems & hypo.I also experience sinus reactions to dust,smoke,traffic fumes, household cleaners et al.I have been using a cycling mask for vacuuming & cleaning,lighting the woodstove etc.

Just ordered a mask used by tradespeople working with wood,paint etc.

I react to certain dairy(ice cream,soft cheese,cream,too.The FODMAP diet explains this.My sinus infections,which are almost annual & have been occurring since 2007(diagnosed hypo in 1998),result in extreme referred pain in my head.It wakes me up every 2 hours & I do a head steam & use a blue gel pack from the freezer to cope.I end up like a zombie through lack of sleep After 10-12 days I give in,go to the GP & get penicillin.Other antibios do not work.I usually end up with 2 courses back to back to effect a cure.

I use a Dr Mehta Sinugator twice daily.I also use Sterimar nasal spray.

Infections can be viral,bacterial or fungal.Candida could well be the fungal connection.

My husband has just started the keto diet.This is sugar free,ultra low carb,no grains,so I am hoping following suit in a less extreme way may help(paleo?)

Ideally,a doc would test for the cause,to see if you have a bacterial or fungal infection.I have never been offered this.2 ENT consultants have told me my problem is not my sinuses,as the referred pain is not anywhere near my sinal cavities.

It always follows a viral infection.A head steam gets the phlem moving & stops the pain.

Penicillin ends the infection.?????They want to zap my head with X-rays.

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I had Candida many years ago. I he severe pain across my nasal passages during that time. Sugar free and gluten free diet helped me.


Thanks for your reply Rita-D but I can see only two lines of what you wrote. When I click on "more" my iPad won't allow me to see the rest but perhaps there wasn't any more for me to read, is that correct?


I just said that sugar free and gluten free diet helped me.


Yes, it seems to help

Thank you


My husband is on the keto diet,which is sugar free & gluten free,but also emphasises how carbs convert in the body to sugar.

I think going sugar free & gluten free is the best first option to try,followed by carb restrictions & dairy restrictions(for me that means no cream,ice cream,soft cheeses)


It is I agree. Tough but if it works it has to be done

Thanks for your input


Thank you Naomi8. Will you let me know if your new mask is better than the cycling one please?

Thank you for your response. Could I just mention that warm packs are often better than cold ones because they stimulate the blood flow to the area and keep the phlegm more fluid (similar principal to steaming) therefore it's easier to rid yourself of it. They are also somewhat comforting and relieve the pain. Personally, I use a hot water bottle as it covers a wider area of my face. I take it to bed with me very hot, put a towel over it and place it behind my neck and lie on it (very soothing) and when it's cooler I turn onto the infected side and lay my cheek on it. It helps me fall asleep and when I wake I usually have a lot of phlegm to hawk up (sorry folks) and spit out. Very satisfying indeed!


Many thanks Noelnoel.I will try the heat packs.The ice packs are only for when the pain is unbelievably severe,on first getting up after being asleep.Its only for a few minutes,until the steam starts shifting the congestion.I will try your suggestion of heat.I actually have an electric heat pad with 3 settings.

Since 2007,when these attacks began,I have found sitting up as upright as possible until the infection is over has helped prevent the build up of pressure which causes the pain.As the years have gone by,this has proved less & less effective.

The last 2 infections have benefitted from removing all pillows.The phlegm is now draining better that way.I have only started doing this once the Amoxicillin has kicked in,but I think it has speeded up my recovery.

I have been using a Dr Mehta Sinugator twice daily for the last 18 months.Have you looked into this?They are an aid to prevention & must not be used when one has an infection,to avoid extreme discomfort.

I am now adding Olive leaf capsules to my daily prevention programme.I am baulking at the price of-Allincin-Max at present,though it is said to be the best natural antibiotic.Both Allincin-Max & Olive Leaf were recommended by posters on here,as effective.

My new mask arrived yesterday,& it looks very practical,but only inside the house,when cleaning,vacuuming,lighting a fire etc.

Its called the Trend Stealth & is VERY light.

I have not been brave enough to use my Respro cycling mask out & about,as I look like a gangster or terrorist in it.

I recently learned that exhaust fumes inside a car,diesel train or bus can be worse than walking along an extremely polluted road!!!

In the far east it is normal to wear a mask,out & about.Perhaps it soon will be here.

We have bought a Blueair 411 purifier & it sits in the front footwell,running off the cigarette lighter,thanks to an inverter.


Thanks for all that very helpful info Naomi18, I've googled the sinugator and will read more about it later

The next time you have an episode of sinusitis you might want to think about asking your doctor for a sputum (phlegm) pot in which to spit a sample so that s/he can send it to the lab for the microbes to be identified because if it's fungal sinusitis you have and not bacterial, amoxicillin will not clear it up permanently. Antibiotics clear only bacterial infections and the more of them you take the more fungus (candida) will grow inside you and the more sinusitis you'll get, amongst other problems. Unfortunately many doctors poo poo this idea totally and tell you to use probiotics or live cultured yogurt while your taking the antibiotics. This is good advice but I afraid it's not enough. Believe me, if your infections are fungal, the last thing that one should do, is take antibiotics but maybe your infections are indeed bacterial and not fungal/candida related


I think GPs should see taking a sputum sample as routine when presented with recurring sinus infections.We shouldn't have to beg.Instead one ENT consultant & the locum who just gave me the Amoxicillin insist I need to go to neurology,both telling me this is not sinusitis.I take fungal connection seriously,as it can kill if it reaches your brain.

The infection cleared up 18 months ago with 2 courses of Amoxicillin & this time only took 1 course & cleared up.Both attacks came after exposure to a virus going the rounds.18 months ago it was a virus that gave some people pneumonia.A neighbour looks 10 years onlder since he got that virus.It knocked him for six.

I make my own live kefir & also eat a lot of miso.I also take probiotic in the form of inulin.

I hate asking for Amoxi even more than they hate doling it out.I wait until I'm desperate with the stabbing pain in my head.


Hello Noel, I use to have chronic sinus infections for years, even had the nasal surgery for a deviated septum and promptly got a sinus infection while recovering from the surgery - it was awful. The only thing that worked for me was completely eliminating sugar from my diet and doing whatever was necessary to keep my elimination process working, including enemas. Doing the candida diet from hell - no sugar, wheat, yeast, dairy, gluten, did I say sugar for 3 - 6 months at least was required.


Thank you designguy. It's not easy it, I've done it too.. Thank you for taking the trouble to respond

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I have noticed that my chronic sinusitis has resolved since upping my T3 and also taking Vitamins C. Since the age of 8 years old and after two major sinus ops I am now free from the terrible sinus.

I had my thyroid removed in Oct 2015 but it's only been one year, in fact since taking vitamin c that I have lost my sinus problems

I have no other health issue at all other than no thyroid.

The worst that it got was in 2014 when I had been to the dentist for a hygiene appointment. After that it took months of antibiotics to clear.

I don't believe in Doctors, endos, dentist or the hygienist anymore they have managed to keep my feeling ill and cost me money. I have purchased my own BP/heart monitor plus a dentist cleaning kit and now i am all set and free from so called experts. If I want to know anything about my thyroid I go on here for information instead.


I'm completely in agreement with you regarding the medical profession. I just don't trust them. My dentist even said there was no connection between my sinuses and infected gum. Silly man


I forgot to say I am not on any type of diet and still eat bread. I do, however eat a healthy organic diet with plenty of fresh fruits and veg. I have always eaten a healthy diet and never smoked either but it's only since upping Vitamin D and taking Vitamin C that the sinus has disappeared after 60 plus years.


Hi Noelnoel. Any sort of infection (or other foreign body, injury, fungus, bacteria, virus) in your body causes your immune system to react to fight off the infection or the invader. Gut problems with Hashi's can cause candida. Candida is just one of many things that cause your immune system to react. Combine Hashimoto's+anything that stimulates the immune system and the result is often increased thyroid antibodies, since we only have one immune system.

Have you had the bacteria in your nose cultured? There is such a thing as an antibiotic resistant sinus infection. An infection for many years could mean something serious like this. A special test is required to identify the bacteria and your typical MD has likely not heard of this test. Where are you located?

Since you've previously had a root canal, it's possible that the root canal was not done properly. The necrotic tissue left in the tooth root can cause an infection that can trigger an infection in the sinus. Inflamed gums on a tooth that previously had a root canal can mean that you have an abscess in the root of that tooth. Abscesses can also end up draining into the sinus.

I really think you should see a dentist and an ENT to find out what is causing your symptoms. You really don't want this infection to spread to your brain and cause an abscess there. Both tooth infections and sinus infections can cause such abscesses. This is extreme, but it can happen if left untreated.


Thank you, yes, I've seen my dentist who x-rayed the area to confirm

Whatever the microbes causing the infection, they won't be resistant because I just don't take antibiotics, ever. I've managed all these years with homeopathy, steam inhalations with rosemary and eucalyptus, facial massage, oil-pilling with coconut and clove and pure gum spirits of turpentine. They all work but it's so time-consuming. This year, for some reason, it clears and then eight or so weeks later it's back and my guess it's probably the Indian head massage I'm having. It's deep and I can feel the congestion moving around as she does it. It's probably drained into the gum and so because it's been so painful, I came home with the antibiotics and have them on standby. If I can't clear it on my own this time, I'll take them. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for a separate appt with the root-canal specialist

Although I've had this for years and produce copious catarrh, daily, it's never infected and has never really caused pain except on two or so other occasions and that's over a 30 year period. I know it's not normal and is indicative of something else going on but I've lived with it because it's never caused any problems other than having to spit it out and my doctor only ever offered antibiotics anyway, which I refused. I'm now much wiser regarding alternatives and realise I have a deeper problem than mere chronic sinusitis


I felt under par & chronically fatigued after a dentist saw I had a smouldering absess but didn't do anything about it,except to say it would need attending to at some point,after an X-ray.

I changed dentists & had a root canal.Big mistake.It lead to more chronic fatigue & feeling unwell,but the dentist who did the root canal said it was Ok after X-ray.

Now I have a superb dentist.After he removed the infected root canal(which the second dentist knew was there but did nothing about)he helped me get the cost covered by the dentist who did the root canal.

My health improved dramatically after he took the tooth out.

I really trusted the first two dentists.They we b******s


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