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Very high antibody count!!!!

I was diagnosed with Hashimotos late 2013. My antibody count has increased since first diagnosis. It was nearly 5000 last Sept/Oct!! My consultant has told me there is nothing I can do and it doesn't matter that's it's so high...but was shocked as she has never seen a count that high. That worries me!!! Does anyone else have a high count or can anyone advise?

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look for my recent posts with dr alexander Haskell- he has 14 videos. or google him, very explanatory.


I am assuming that your Endo hasn't prescribed levothyroxine due to your high antibodies or is he/she waiting till your TSH reaches a higher level! Read the second item on this link_

Also going gluten-free can help too.

Also if you email for a copy of the Pulse Online article where you will see that Dr Toft recommends 'nipping things in the bud' if we have antibodies.

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