High Eosinophil count and rising

Hi All,

Noticed, when looking back over recent and old blood results, that my eosinophil count was 0.3 (0.0 - 0.5) in April last year and is now 0.08 (same range). GP has said nothing (there's a suprise) and have been doing some research on internet and coming up with allergies (and things a lot more nasty) including thyroid medication and food.

Any ideas.

Moggie x

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  • Maybe have a look here:


    But did you have a bit of finger trouble (or am I having eye trouble? Looks to me like the number has gone down, not up. :-)

  • Sorry finger trouble - it should have read 0.8. Will give your link a go.


    Moggie x

  • Had already looked at that site Rod and many others but wondered if anyone on here has had the same problem. Also on a different site it mentions heart palps with a raise Eosinophil count which, as most regular uses of this site know, have plagued me for months.

    Will be asking my endo to explain next time I see him. May also get an answer to a question I asked you a while back about vitD and where it goes when levels go from low to high and then back down to low again as I think this is what has happened to me (he must LOVE patients like me.lol.)

    Moggie x

  • I would think that is a small change and 0.8 is not high enough to worry about as white blood cells go up and down very easily.....but you said it keeps going up? have you had any more results and even higher than 0.8??

  • Am awaiting new test results any day now but the bloods for the 0.8 result was only taking in Feb so I wouldn't have thought that it has gone up too much (if it has).

    Will be keeping a close eye and asking questions even if it hasn't risen any more since Feb - do you know what causes them to go up and down NBD.

    Moggie x

  • My count was high and this was picked up by the Lab who wrote a lengthy speel, further test required and then referral to haemotologist etc etc.. I was impressed that the Lab wrote a lot and also provided a telephone number. My second test was OK.

  • Thanks for the input.

    Was your result very high?

    Moggie x

  • It was 15.2 and the range at the time in my local laboratory was 4.5 - 9.5. The consultant at the lab wrote on the blood test results form:

    reactive? allergic. Please check CRP. ESR, RF. ANA, ANCA, exclude parasites. If all negative and persisting refer to haemotology. I had a blood test three months later and it was OK. I had convinced myself that I had all sorts of illnesses including leukemia. At the time, I had not been diagnosed wi

    h a thyroid problem A few months later, a goiter popped up - I felt it happening and subsequent testing indicated a multi nodular goiter. Further tests indicated a very high peroxidase base which means I have Hashimotos. It now makes sense why it was high as it was caused by an autoimmune disease which the consultant at the lab recommended. I also read somewhere that eosinophol counts do fluctuate a lot!

    Hope this helps.

  • Thanks for the reply - it just shows how the hosp ranges vary doesn't it as my range has vastly different.

    Glad it wasn't anything really nasty, and although you can help it, that's the first thing that seems to pop into your head isn't it.

    Moggie x

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